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Vintage Women's Hygiene: A Hint in Confidence

The cover simply stating “A Hint in Confidence” – discreet, unsuspecting; Open it and an eminent authority will enlighten you you to the world of female intimate hygiene using lysol douche. For your health.

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Vintage Mildly NSFW - The Male Figure
Beefcake and Loincloths...

kitty bill

“The Male Figure” was your go-to vintage source for beefcake and loincloths. Published by a man known only as “Bruce,” these mini-mags were turned out cheap and fast – gloriously filled with simple hand-drawn illustrations and no-nonsense typeface. What’s not to like?

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The Old Adage is True: Never Say Never
I'm a Belieber?*

I am nothing if not cynical. And I’m especially cynical about pop music – I have no need for it. I roll my eyes and pretend it doesn’t exist, shutting my ears to it. When invited by friends to see the Justin Bieber movie on opening night there was no question – I would absolutely not be wasting money on that 3D propaganda piece and subjecting my eardrums to toxic overproduced bubblegum noise, even if it warranted a laugh or two. Because Bieber is a sure-fire sign of the impending apocalypse, right? But the event evolved into a girl’s night out, a tongue-in-cheek outing replete with homemade Bieber t-shirts and party games, so I decided to loosen up and give it a whirl. If nothing else I would have dinner, a story and a laugh.

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Good News! The World Will Not End in 2012.
It's gonna end in 2011, suckers!

Surprise! You may or may not have heard the news, but the world will in fact end in 2011 – not in 2012 as previously expected. Judgment Day will be May 21st, and the fires will end us on October 21st. A clean, exact five month span. Start doing everything you’ve ever wanted to do in your life/repent now!

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Marvin Gaye singing the Star Spangled Banner

For Independence Day this year I have elected to skip my annual anti-Patriotism rant and instead treat you to something that I’ve long enjoyed by myself. (Uhh, that sounds wrong.) (Wow, for a July 4th post this is not going so great.) Uhh, Marvin Gaye singing the Star Spangled Banner:


Early weekly bolt: be a better person?

bike parts

There are many things you can do to be a better person. Lucky for you, I can point you in the right direction, mostly because I am such an amazing person, but you knew that already. So here are a few suggestions.

First of all, I know you’re riding a bike every once in a while, and if you’re not, you should be. Not to reinforce a shitty hipster joke, but because it’s one of the few healthy activities that are actually fun. Wouldn’t you then then become a much awesomer person if you actually knew how that 2-wheeler worked? What if you become a really cool person and rode that bike like everyday, or across Europe or whatever? That would require you to learn how to fix your bike. Here’s a class you can take to learn how to repair your shitty old bike. Proceeds benefit Youth Bike, you learn something new, and you give back to a community organization that helps kids, and encourages bike riding and advocacy.

You like clean water. I like clean water. People like their water clean! There’s a new site called Kick Poverty on which you can check out another cool dude, do-gooder Kevin Coster (whose name is undeniably rad), tapping a soccer ball 20,000 times during the course of the World Cup. Kevin’s raising $5,000 in donations, 100% of which will go toward the building of a well to provide sustainable, clean water for 250 people through charity: water. Charity: water does just that, it builds clean water wells in developing nations. Each touch of the ball costs only $.25, and you can sponsor as many of those kicks as you’d like.

Like it on Facebook, and enjoy the do-gooder feel of that click under your finger. You have already become a better person.



Here is something you did not know! Eating cheese at the end of a meal reduces tooth decay. Calcium and phosphate from the cheese slow down the growth of bacteria colonies that eat your tooth enamel. Bonus tooth fact now: you’re only supposed to brush but once per day every day. (Via)

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