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Jennifer the Leopard: a band of grown women

Video edited by birthday girl and THL contributor Amanda Leah

Jennifer the Leopard, known also as J-Lep, is an all-woman musical and performance art group living in Los Angeles. I held an ichat interview with them not too long ago to talk about the band and their new T-shirt line with Obey Clothing.

Two band members are original Miami bros, Stephanie Hutin and Marissa Mayer, and the other two lovely ladies, Lauren Fisher and Lana Kim, are gals we wish were original Miami bros.

Make sure to enjoy the part where our pets kiss transcontinentally.

Here’s another J-Lep vid to whet your J-Lep palette.

Lookin’ Good, Feelin’ Fine by J Lep from Lauren Fisher on Vimeo.


Call With Questions: Geronimo and The Three Mikes

It was last May when I appeared as an especial guest on the online performance art radio program Call With Questions. I was in L.A. and invited to join along with my good friends, artists Florencio Zavala and Stephanie Hutin . The recording took place at the former Valencia home of two of the show’s hosts, animators and multi-talented folks, Dominic Bisignano and Nancy Parczyk (who I’d like to thank publicly for housing me last fall, thanks guys!). While we spoke to friends and foes over the long distance phone lines, we managed to avoid feeling an earthquake that took place 30 miles south. Basically, we caused an earthquake with the incredibleness of the show, and then we avoided it. Yes, guys, that’s what happened.

These two couples now host this crazy hour-or-so of fucked up, goofy, smart entertainment, along with Sarah Bisignano. Stephanie recently directed a film called Geronimo and The Three Mikes, which is also the name of an episode which aired in January on “alternate reality.” It’s trippy and hypnotic, much like Call With Questions itself. I’m not going to give it away, but the dog made me laugh. I also saw Caveman Lawyer in there, so, yeah, that’s fucking pretty much the best.

Take a gander, hit up the site. It’s something different, and that’s nice.
Wait, fuck nice. It’s super retarded rad.

Geronimo! and the Three Mikes – Dir. Stephanie Hutin from Dominic Bisignano on Vimeo.