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Jennifer the Leopard: a band of grown women

Video edited by birthday girl and THL contributor Amanda Leah

Jennifer the Leopard, known also as J-Lep, is an all-woman musical and performance art group living in Los Angeles. I held an ichat interview with them not too long ago to talk about the band and their new T-shirt line with Obey Clothing.

Two band members are original Miami bros, Stephanie Hutin and Marissa Mayer, and the other two lovely ladies, Lauren Fisher and Lana Kim, are gals we wish were original Miami bros.

Make sure to enjoy the part where our pets kiss transcontinentally.

Here’s another J-Lep vid to whet your J-Lep palette.

Lookin’ Good, Feelin’ Fine by J Lep from Lauren Fisher on Vimeo.


Roofless Records communicates via email with THL

roofless flyer

In an attempt to gather much information with very little effort, I wrote an email to Matt from Roofless Records. This email included a couple of mediocre questions for him to answer. Luckily and surprisingly, he responded. Also lucky for me, even though my questions are choppy and nauseatingly boring, he was able to answer them in a way that was interesting, informative and without much need of an editor. Delightful!

Roofless has three shows coming up in the near future, including one on Saturday night at PS14 (Bar) Strange Days # 4, and next week Justice Yeldham, and Weird Wives.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? What’s the deal with Roofless Records? Where’d you get the name? What are you putting out, records/CDs, what?

I’m 24, from Miami originally, and moved to Sarasota in 2004 to study Comparative Literature at New College of Florida. That’s where I met Dana Bassett, 23 and also originally from Miami, who is the other half of Roofless. We founded the label in the fall of 2007 to document the rapidly growing noise/weird rock/performance art scene on campus and in the greater Sarasota house party scene. I had been promoting concerts since high school, and it felt like it was time to expand to more permanent documents of the music I found exciting. I graduated in 2008, moved to Philadelphia on an impulsive whim, and found myself back in Miami in fall of 2009. Dana is currently pursuing her masters at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, but is definitely still apart of the operation.

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