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Videos of today's Occupy Miami protest by Crassmonster

Videos by Crassmonster.

I was just looking for socks and they showed up.

One more after the jump.

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I spent the night on the lawn outside of Government Center in solidarity with the Occupy Miami movement. I also wrote up a log for the Miami New Times describing my experiences out there. I’m obviously in support of the movement, but some of the other occupiers left me mean, bitchy comments implying that I am an asshole, which I am, but only out of love. I wanted to be honest and had to be a little jokey about the experience. What’s happening out there is mostly beautiful – community building, political discussions, people learning about democracy, I love it – but it is sprinkled with bit of a-hole bullshit. Any group of people working together for a common goal will have its downside and usually it’s battitudes. Anyway, read it, and go out and support.

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Occupy Miami is serious business, so read about it.

occupy miami

I’ve been covering the Occupy Miami movement for Miami New Times, so make sure to click over there and read what I’ve seen and heard. This is an important exercise in democracy and you may not want to sleep out in the rain, but you should pay attention. It’s really something neat and special going on. People are working together to build a community. They’re learning to communicate with each other and about the democratic process. Go by and show some support.

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As of about an hour ago, Miami is now part of the growing Occupy Wall Street movement! Protesters gathered outside of the Torch of Friendship earlier, marched to Government Center, and came to the consensus that they’re setting up shop there indefinitely. Read about it on Miami New Times’ Riptide 2.0. Wow! What a day!

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Occupy Miami and Flute Salad today: protest and then enjoy your life!

As you can see, we’ve been talking a lot about the Occupy movements here on THL. We brought our art dares to the planning meeting last week with Mike Balbone. John Spain gave us a rundown of what it’s like everyday on Wall Street and Farrah Farley protested in DC and told us what was going on there and in Austin.

We’ll be at the Occupy Miami demonstration in an hour at the Torch of Friendship in front of Bayfront Park with friends and family (that’s right, my mom’s going). It’s from 1 to 3 and afterward, I believe there’ll be planning meetings. Hope to see you there!

After you’ve told the man he can suck it, come discuss politics and dance away your worries of a failing economy at Flute Salad at Lester’s in Wynwood (2519 NW 2nd Avenue). Life is rough, 99% of us are broke, so we’re encouraging you to not only protest, but also to enjoy life. It’s me and Amanda Leah playing really fun music, and we start early, so come by after 8 p.m. Read about it here on Crossfade.

flute salad


Less Concept, More Action: Miami Art Dares with Michael Balbone

mike balbone occupy miami

Less Concept, More Action is a project by Misael Soto and Liz Tracy which dares Miami artists to do things that make them uncomfortable, but in a friendly way.

We ran into artist Mike Balbone at the Occupy Miami planning meeting last Saturday where a very nonorganic dare idea popped up organically. While other organizers spoke for hours about protests, permits, porta potties, and sustainable cuisine we sent Mike on a particularly dangerous and tasteless dare, asking him to bring back food from the evil corporate poisoner McDonald’s and eat it at the meeting. He bravely agreed.

Can you briefly describe the work you make?
My work mostly deals with recycling and crafts and public memes and pop culture and love.

How do you feel about the Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Miami movement?
I support it, but sometimes a sad thing that can happen with such protests are the people think it’s a venue for their own personal diatribes instead of the actual group consensus of changing things with government, politics, and Wall Street.

Would you attend the demonstration next Saturday?
I think I’d have to stop showering for a week to be on par.
Yah, I totally would, I’m just kidding!

He’ll be there. But first, he ate McDonald’s.

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