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Interview with Strange Boy Ryan Sambol

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On September 5 at Churchill’s, Sailor Jerry held a free concert which featured Jacuzzi Boys, Gentleman Jesse & His Men, Electric Bunnies, and Strange Boys. THL’s Dr. G was lucky and smart enough to interview Strange Boys singer and guitarist Ryan Sambol after the show.

THL: Do we know each other?

RS: No

THL: How many times have you played in Miami?

RS: This is our 1st time.

THL: How was it compared to the last few shows you’ve played?

RS: It was fun. This is a great line-up tonight.

THL: When you talk to other people touring, the ones that actually leaving their immediate area, going out for month, two months, five months at a time…have you discussed going to Miami and what do people say about it?

RS: I guess it always has that reputation as being a party city, right?

THL: I don’t know…I’m sorta asking you.

RS: I think Will Smith had a lot to do with that.

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Jennifer the Leopard: a band of grown women

Video edited by birthday girl and THL contributor Amanda Leah

Jennifer the Leopard, known also as J-Lep, is an all-woman musical and performance art group living in Los Angeles. I held an ichat interview with them not too long ago to talk about the band and their new T-shirt line with Obey Clothing.

Two band members are original Miami bros, Stephanie Hutin and Marissa Mayer, and the other two lovely ladies, Lauren Fisher and Lana Kim, are gals we wish were original Miami bros.

Make sure to enjoy the part where our pets kiss transcontinentally.

Here’s another J-Lep vid to whet your J-Lep palette.

Lookin’ Good, Feelin’ Fine by J Lep from Lauren Fisher on Vimeo.


What’s wrong with you, Miami?
Buy David Mitchell’s new book, for God’s sake

david mitchell autumns

What’s wrong with you, Miami?

I don’t mean The Heat Lightning readers. You are the culture vultures, the exception proving the rule, the cool knot of folks who unwittingly find themselves discussing Kieslowski at a kegger.

Nothing against keggers per se, but the revelry makes it difficult for anyone to see how capable we Miamians are of literary appreciation. Cool elusive wordsmiths like Neil Gaiman and Amy Hempel breeze through San Francisco, New York, and Seattle, yet they pass on the Magic City.

Los Angeles is also a favored stop for touring authors, but I think it’s more in the hopes of a fat movie deal than because of Book Soup. LA-LA Land deserves more author play than Miami? Please. Salman Rushdie loves us. Ondaatje, McInerney, Sontag. We can name drop until the next Man Booker Prize is awarded, but it won’t give us the literary cache we deserve. The big New York publishers see Miami as that fun-loving friend it’s great to party with, but whom they’d be horrified to see date their sister.

David Mitchell, arguably the greatest living fiction novelist, and easily the greatest fiction novelist under fifty, has also toured the usual suspects – San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Boston, Portland. For his next book, a luminous work coming out (in the US, anyway) on June 29 titled, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, David Mitchell is visiting Minneapolis.

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