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Look at this asshole: Adam Carolla

adam fucking carolla

Back in the 90s, when casual misogyny was still considered sort of cool, Adam Carolla used to do this terrible thing on Comedy Central with Jimmy Kimmel called The Man Show. I think I caught the best-of episode once, and there were two funny skits (one of which, just FYI, involved something called a “wife-leash”) and an metric assload of offensive bullshit with no redeeming value.

Well, this asshole is back, and it’s a happy reflection on our society that the best he can do to drum up attention for whatever crap he’s doing now is to write guest columns on Gizmodo. So! About what will we have the privilege of reading Adam Carolla’s opinion? Believe it or do not, but he’s writing about how great electric toothbrushes are:

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