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Vintage Women's Hygiene: A Hint in Confidence

The cover simply stating “A Hint in Confidence” – discreet, unsuspecting; Open it and an eminent authority will enlighten you you to the world of female intimate hygiene using lysol douche. For your health.

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Morbid Vintage: Funeral Scenes


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Mysterious Vintage
Inadvertent Art

Vintage Mystery

God forbid – the back of this photo reads: “You can destroy these if you want to.” A total, accidental thing of beauty – the skewed framing looks deliberate; the woman gazing into the open door makes one wonder who, or what, is inside. Something completely innocuous? We’ll never know.

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Vintage Mildly NSFW - The Male Figure
Beefcake and Loincloths...

kitty bill

“The Male Figure” was your go-to vintage source for beefcake and loincloths. Published by a man known only as “Bruce,” these mini-mags were turned out cheap and fast – gloriously filled with simple hand-drawn illustrations and no-nonsense typeface. What’s not to like?

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Vintage Valentine

“I love you,
turn me not away;

I am a peach,
so all the girls say.”

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Awkward Vintage


What is going on in this picture? Let’s all take a guess. Comments, please!

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Vintage Glimpses: Merry Christmas


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Vintage Glimpses: Images of Winter

Ice and snow in the city of lakes and parks

By now, most in America have seen and heard about Dome Buster 2010 – the biggest storm to hit Minneapolis/St. Paul since 1991, causing much chaos and ending with the dramatic (hilarious) collapse of the Metrodome roof. While scanning through my hoard of vintage postcards and photos I happened up this lovely antique postcard depicting Minneapolis’s Minnehaha Falls in winter, looking much the same as I’m certain it does now:

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