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Let's Go Shopping: Black Friday Sweet, Sweet Treats


I’ve been drooling over these etsy edibles for weeks now. Please, make them mine! If you’re going to shop on Black Friday, why not make it a purchase you know you will consume, and consume quickly?

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Sunday is (officially) National Pickle Day!
However, I celebrate it daily.

This is a day that means more to me than Christmas: National Pickle Day, ya’ll!
Pickles go beyond an obsession for me. If I could fulfill all my nutritional needs with pickles I would eat nothing else. I can literally eat an entire jar in one sitting and then possibly sip the juice (disgusting, I know, although, pickle juice cocktails are all the rage right now). This is the way I’ve always been and this is how I shall remain. If you, too, are a pickle fiend, look below for your necessary pickle miscellany and edible deliciousness.

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