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Art Basel Miami Beach: The Heat Lightning's massive, all-inclusive list of satellite fairs and related events

ferris bueller art

Art Basel Miami Beach. It’s baaack.

We have again put together a comprehensive list of Art Basel and related events to assist you in your Basel journey. Last year, Venessa Monokian and I created Bikable Basel maps. Some places have moved, but you can still use them and your bike (be green, guys).

You should remember to go to Scope, Pulse, and NADA because I like them the best. Then you should go to all of these events down here. I starred ones that I will either be at or, if I were multiple people existing at the same time, would attend all of.

If you don’t see something on here, add it to the comments, please! Thanks.

Remember to hydrate, people! Wear comfortable shoes. Learn something new about something. And for God’s sake, have a happy Basel!

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The Heat Lightning's bikable Basel maps

THL bikable basel flyer small miami beach

thl basel flyer small

We at THL will be biking most of Basel. I’ve got my 300 pound bike ready for the road. This map was made to help people get to where they need to go, on a bike or otherwise. Check out the full-sized maps after the jump. Thanks to Venessa Monokian for creating these guys and Leah Lujan Tracy for the lil’ logo.

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