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Submit your film about Mother Earth to the Rainforest Partnership and meet Richard Linklater


by Farrah Farley

The Onion published How Bad For The Environment Can Throwing Away One Plastic Bottle Be? 30 Million People Wonder over a year ago. Yeah, it’s funny, but the message is one people should have been listening to. It sort of seems no one really cares about the pollution they create except for a handful of hippies and nonprofits (in Austin) and a few “green celebrities” out there concerned in between filming moneymakers.

If you fancy yourself an environmentalist, or, at the very least, want to do something to help others reduce their carbon footprint, consider submitting a short 30 second to 3 minute film for the Second Annual Films for the Forest Fest. FREE to enter, it’s run by the nonprofit Rainforest Partnership and it will be screened in Austin on June 16 in front of a huge audience and 3 well-respected judges: Elizabeth Avellán, Ed Begley Jr., Richard Linklater, and Paul Stekler.

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South By Southwest: some personal stories with nudity, Michael Cera, man-talk, and music

texas tattoo

This last week was certainly one to remember even part of it I’ve already forgotten. I came to Austin for South by Southwest because I wanted to see live music, and I did. I was able to see probably 30 bands live, in backyards, parking lots, on the street, in nightclubs, and bars. Austin is a magical place where there are nice people, handsome men, bikes rolling around everywhere, tattoos of crazy things, delicious food, cheap booze and nice weather. SXSW brought Austin more handsome men, tons of bands, and offered much of the food and booze free. As Chris Farley in Tommy Boy said, that was awesome.

I covered much of my experience for Miami New Times, but I thought I’d personalize it a bit. I ran into people I knew that I didn’t know were here. I ran through the house drunk and naked at one point and, unfortunately, I was not alone. I blacked out two nights in a row and then couldn’t physically get drunk again, nor did I want to, for the next three days. I drank wine from a box. I saw two people get married in a bar on Saint Patty’s day and took a petty cab across town in a rush to see Roky Erickson and then walked about three miles back in Kinos (quite a feat for my feet, whomp). I left my cousin and friends to watch bands instead of drink. A few times, I should have just stayed with them and drank. Michael Cera seemed to be eavesdropping on my boring conversation at Mi Madres, and P. Diddy rushed by me when I was giving a door guy a dirty look.

I got hang out with my friend Adam who introduced me to Danes WhoMadeWho. I saw some musical oldies and awesomeies, Roky Erickson and Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top, Wanda Jackson, and Dead Milkmen. I finally saw JEFF the Brotherhood. Hell, I even got caught up and covered in pepper spray at a mini-riot at the DFA 1979 show with fellow South Floridian Ian. Of course, I saw bands I’m a fan of and have seen before like Thee Oh Sees and Davila 666 because they played everywhere this week, and because I’m on VACATION. Also, Ty Segall, my guilty pleasure, I had to go to one of his shows and just have fun after running around, sweaty, lost, and crazed for days.

I met new people, charmed and annoyed a ton of door guys. Even after Farrah got us kicked out of Mohawk before the DFA show, the bouncers were my friends by the time I finished my drink and left the building.

I have always loved Austin. This festival had the potential to ruin what I love with too many people and too much to do, but today, after relaxing at Barton Springs, eating macrobiotic soup and corn dogs, the love is alive! The thing is, this city is so great and well rounded, it’s like they don’t need anything here. No one uses disposable water bottles, everyone seems to compost (my cousin’s house recycles and composts more than they trash), people ride bikes and walk. Even the cops are kind. What would I do here? I’d feel useless. Enjoy life? Poo. Miami’s needs me! We’re in an active codependent relationship. But I will always love Austin, a little too much, on the side.


Strange Boys' Ryan Sambol interview from a few months ago, bringing it back

strange boys2

In honor of the Bruise Cruise, we’re reposting the interview Dr. G of THL did with Ryan Sambol of the Strange Boys. Enjoy.

On September 5 at Churchill’s, Sailor Jerry held a free concert which featured Jacuzzi Boys, Gentleman Jesse & His Men, Electric Bunnies, and Strange Boys. THL’s Dr. G was lucky and smart enough to interview Strange Boys singer and guitarist Ryan Sambol after the show.

THL: Do we know each other?

RS: No

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Interview with Strange Boy Ryan Sambol

strange boys2

On September 5 at Churchill’s, Sailor Jerry held a free concert which featured Jacuzzi Boys, Gentleman Jesse & His Men, Electric Bunnies, and Strange Boys. THL’s Dr. G was lucky and smart enough to interview Strange Boys singer and guitarist Ryan Sambol after the show.

THL: Do we know each other?

RS: No

THL: How many times have you played in Miami?

RS: This is our 1st time.

THL: How was it compared to the last few shows you’ve played?

RS: It was fun. This is a great line-up tonight.

THL: When you talk to other people touring, the ones that actually leaving their immediate area, going out for month, two months, five months at a time…have you discussed going to Miami and what do people say about it?

RS: I guess it always has that reputation as being a party city, right?

THL: I don’t know…I’m sorta asking you.

RS: I think Will Smith had a lot to do with that.

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Travel, day 2: eating and drinking in Austin is still tops
meat porn edition

salt lick

Many years ago, I had a few friends in Austin, and my best friend had a strong desire to ride a horse on a ranch, so we decided to meet there. She flew from New York during one of the first of those blackouts, and after meeting in Dallas, we drove down through Hill Country to San Antonio and back in five days. We were 23, so it was doable. I fell in love with Hill Country and Austin. Central Texas is arid and hilly, covered with short green trees. Hidden in those green trees are cool, luscious springs. Ahh… I’m jumping ahead of myself though, this is the the food porn edition, so let’s look at some meat.

After much controversial debate, surrounding the best bbq in town, Farrah took charge and decided that we would drive about 45 minutes away from downtown Austin to eat at Salt Lick. Look at that meat. LOOK AT IT!

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Travel, day 1: eating and drinking in Austin is tops

tacoba ceviche

Often when I’m going on and on about how radical Austin is, people sneer and snicker. This is because they’ve never been to Austin. And that’s either because they don’t have the cash or because they don’t love delicious food, friendly nature, and outdoor beauty.

Some young people don’t remember, but what Portland, Oregon is today is what Austin, Texas kind of was less than ten years ago. It was a really cool place everyone wanted to visit. On this, my third trip to this capital city, I really outdid myself eating some of the yummiest food I’ve had in a LOOOONG time. I learned that, like Portland, Austin has a budding food cart scene more than definitely worth a munch.

Possibly my favorite thing about the city and Hill Country is the food. Oh, sweet Jesus, I love Mexican, BBQ, and German food. This trip kept me mostly eating within Austin’s city limits, so no Fredericksburg sour kraut for me this time, but what was in Austin was more than satisfying and so freaking cheap. SO CHEAP!!!

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