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September artwalk

How about this: Like a phoenix rising from the heat of August, in September the Miami artwalk reinvents itself, and learns to fly anew. Ok, really the season more officially starts in October, and I got out of the house late and missed all the galleries around Snitzer, but all evidence indicated that Miami’s art scene really is becoming something. Here’s a spraycan-lid barfing skull by graffiti crew TYPOE at Spinello. Can you smell it? Stinks like Basel, baby. Basel.

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Art walk July: the art

My art walk pictures will probably BORE you. But I don’t care. I’m sharing them anyway. Usually I bitch and moan about the heat and the people and the texting and the phone calling and the “where are you“ing, but this month was a delight, even though I had one wicked hangover with which to contend.

There were a few unexpected treats. At the Snitzer, the treat was expected, but especially delicious. Boy, Oh Boy is a show is about a boys, one of my favorite subjects. It included a photograph by the recently deceased Dash Snow and a painting by local favorite Hernan Bas, both you must go to see, since I didn’t post images here. It was hard to choose my preferred works. It was reaaaally hard (har har – get it, you know, the image there? Below?). This collage is by Alex Flemming and was part of a series of phalluses drawn or painted on photographs.

These really rule my world.

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The Weekly Bolt: it's hot out

miami beach

I think today I’ll just spew out what’s the what with art walk this Saturday and include some other shizz happening from tomorrow, into next week.

So what if we’re different down here? Miami’s best are joining strange forces for Weird Miami at Bas Fisher Invitational (180 NE 39th St., Ste 210) from 7-11. Artists include Kevin Arrow, Autumn Casey, Clifton Childree, Alyse Emdur, Christy Gast, Adler Guerrier, Jason Hedges (live performance at 8), Nicolas Lobo and Kenneth Andrew Mroczek, Justin Long, Isabel Moros and Peggy Nolan. There will be three artist-led bus tours to undisclosed locations on the 3rd Sundays of July, August, and September. Call 305-879-6978 or e-mail for a spot.

MT Your Pockets will be taking place at 7:00 at Swampspace Gallery (3821 N.E. First Court, Miami). Husband and wife team (Tony and Maite) who together, not only make a lovely couple, but also wonderful music with Pocket of Lollipops and badass art.

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June artwalk: signs of life

ralph provisero

In which our heroes overcome heat, humidity, camera failure, and lots and lots of artistic mediocrity to bring you a few examples of worthwhile work during the first Summer arthop of 2010.

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The artwalk in May starts to show signs of trouble

Hung Liu at Bernice Steinbaum, artwalk

You expect declines in the quality of art at Miami artwalks as Summer approaches, and while the story last time was how that decline was slow in coming, well, what a difference a month makes.

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