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Let's Spend Some Money - The Angry Post-Election Etsy Selection

Mad about the election? Drown your frustration in a little retail therapy:

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Instruments of torture

instruments or torture

Just closed the Instruments of Torture exhibition at the Freedom Tower. Displays of torture equipment are popular tourist traps around Europe, but this was somewhat more upscale, on loan from the Museo Medieval in Italy and with many pieces from “private collections.” There was also a decidedly political bent to the exhibitions, and the informational panels never missed a chance to say that “It still goes on today!!!”

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All your signs they are harshing my mellow


I’m not supposed to get worked up about stuff like this, but boy all the signs, they are getting to me. Take this little beauty, in a parking lot outside a Cuban restaurant. What’s the matter here, as a numbered list:

  1. There is no grass. Mostly there are dead leaves, plus two types of weeds, and a pile of asphalt. And there is a lot of garbage.

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THL Jersey Shore sock puppets
I can see you're excited

jersey shore cast2

Made by: Nicolette Bartolini Pollo, Kylee Crook, Venessa Monokian, Liz Tracy
They’re available on Etsy. Just CLICK THIS RIGHT HERE, please! We will let you know when you can buy one and enjoy playing with it at home. I know you want to, you perverts.

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Shameless Self Promotion: Pots & Plants

pots & plants open house This Saturday, right in the Design District, North Miami Ave. is having a festival with drinks, sales, and even ribs. Yes, the avenue is having a party.

Don’t miss the newest addition to the block, Pots & Plants, where the Summer Open House will feature a free performance by local folk favorites Raffa & Rainer, and mojitos by Bacardi. Yum!  I know! See ya’ll there!