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Vintage Valentine

“I love you,
turn me not away;

I am a peach,
so all the girls say.”

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Cartoon: The difficulty of cows

cow lick

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Tit Sweat

tit sweat small

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Cartoon workshop at the Wolfsonian for your kid geeks

comic kraze

The Wolfsonian Museum on Miami Beach apparently has a “Digital Wolf Lab,” which sounds like a Wiccan dating site. There they are offering a series of free workshops called Comic Kraze for your nerdy 14-17 year olds who just gotta draw. The courses will show the young fartists how to create comics and graphic novels that presumably will be all about sexually confused superheroes or sexually frustrated, zitty, D&D teens. Budding cartoonists, make some stuff and send it to For Comic Kraze, call 305.535.2684 for more info.


Dust Bunny Nightmares

jessica gross dust bunnies

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Dirty Boy! John Waters as Batman

john waters as batman


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Bed Bugs are completely the grossest ever

Our very own Jessica Gross has expanded her comedic empire to include stop motion animation. Check out her interpretation of the grossest creatures to be currently taking over the world, one mattress at a time, in the Bed Bug Comedy Song, written by Adrian Mesa.


Post-ironic: Storm

storm small

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Real Home Alone

real home alone

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Fanboy Sweetness: the perfect green

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Fatherly wisdom: wet farts

fatherly wisdom farts small

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Rat testing



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Post-ironic: birthday cake 2

nathan bday cake 2 small

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Deco Drive


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Post-ironic: birthday cake

birthday cake


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Post-ironic: friendship bear

friendship bear small

Check out more of Nathan’s comics here.

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Post-ironic: puppy

go away


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Avogadro's theory

Avogadro's Theory


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