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Stephen Parr and the Peculiar Archives of Oddball Films Come to Miami
Screening This Weekend at O Cinema and the Frost Museum of Science

“The transition of film,” says Oddball Films owner and eternal archivist Stephen Parr, “and its 100-year plus longevity, to the ever-changing formats of digital media bring speed, lower cost and worldwide distributability though the trade-off is now everyone is an archivist, constantly migrating data from format to format, device to device.”

This lament might sting purists who long for streamlining and clarifying the ever-increasing muck of hubris clogging up the binary pipes of the modern, digital world like a dutiful librarian. But it is especially topical coming from a man who began archiving bizarre, oddball, one-off, and just plain eccentric moving images a little over 30 years ago.

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Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse finally released in full!
This Universe: Still Screwed

Quoth co-director Ronnie Rivera: After a long intergalactic battle with the evil forces at the NBA we are now safe to show people our short film.

I think by “safe” they mean from intergalactic oppression moreso than legal brouhaha but what do I know? Full writeup for the film is on Borscht’s tumblr.


Kiki Valdes Solo Exhibition Opening Reception This Saturday

Kiki Valdez will host a showing of his most recent work entitled “The Valdeziacs” at 101 Exhibit this Saturday. The tongue in cheek reference to the classic Warner Bros. show contained in the exhibit’s title should give you an idea of what to expect – frentic compositions fraught with cartoon imagery twisted into mild abstraction. Sounds like a fun time. There’s a Q&A with the artist online here.

Opening Reception is this Saturday April 27th from 7-10pm
101 Exhibit – 101 NE 40th Street. Miami FL. 33137

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Jenna Balfe's Adventures at Shoot The Lobster's 20th Street Art Lot

An art exhibition in an abandoned lot on NW 20 Street, off of Second Avenue, popped up on May 17, not the best part of town. New York artist Ryan Foerster primarily works in photography but also makes zines, films, and installations incorporating found objects. It was his art that was displayed at the site. The show was put on by Shoot The Lobster, a gallery in New York, curated by Bob Nickas. His vision for this ongoing curatorial project is to have outdoor exhibitions in hot and strange places… That’s Miami alright!

I approached a bunch of art weirdos hanging around a large tamarind tree that was a bit off-center in the lot. A lot inhabitant (a homeless gentleman) was casually mixing with the crowd. Before touring the grounds, I noticed that some people had booklets in their hands. I asked to see one and discovered that it was a zine also made by the artist, very simple, beautiful, and clear. There were images of his girlfriend, his garden, and a few decaying things.

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Misael would like to share a towel with you. He’ll tell you more over at Artepillar.

by , posted May 22, 10:00 AM

Abel's 4,000 albums that matter: Part Sixteen

Well, it’s been a while my sweet chickens and dearest fools of the parade, but with reason. Now, dispensing with the cutesy introductions that usually preempt these proceedings, many things have happened in the weeks since we saw each other last, but one thing remains true and solid within these digital pages: my deadly incursions into the sacred realms of the English Language and Her Grammars and Spellings continues unabated by reminder e-mails and occasional real-life skirmishes with people in the word biz. But I say unto them and you my sweet chickens and most dearest and appreciated fools of the parade, could I possibly give a bucket of rocks kicked over of a flying fuck when my THL sheriffs encourage my excessive excess? Nope, I didn’t think so… we soldier on to the day 4000 becomes a reality, or I perish in a hail of recorded materials!

Bad Religion, Mark and the Mysterians, and more after the jump

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Rita Ackermann Opening Reception at MOCA Featuring Performance by Gang Gang Dance

On March 15th, MOCA will host an opening reception for Rita Ackermann’s new exhibition of paintings that will feature a performance by members of Gang Gang Dance.

The exhibition itself is an examination of Ackermann’s work throughout her career, which began with her relocation from Hungary to New York City in the early 1990s. Drawing from experiences transitioning to Western culture, Ackermann went on to express her unique vision via paintings, drawings and collages that range stylistically between intense expressionism and subdued abstraction.

Members of Gang Gang Dance Lizzi Bougatsos and Brian DeGraw will debuting new material as part of a new performance created specially for the exhibition and centering around their love for long time collaborator Rita Ackermann. DeGraw will be accompanying Bougatsos’ vocals utilizing drums and piano supplemented by samples ranging from Dead Prez to Gil Scott-Heron to Aime Cesaire.

Opening reception is free for MOCA members and $10 for non-members. RSVP in advance here!


Few & Far Women at Primary Flight - Art Basel 2011

Probably one of my favorite videos to come out of Basel this year.


In case you haven't heard about Time Piles, Dylan Romer explains his trippy new art app

dylan romer time piles

This was originally published on the Huffington Post Miami and the HuffPo Tech section. Read it again here!

Lets talk about it from Time Piles on Vimeo.

I love how I wrote this about Dylan and the first image on this video of the interview is me with my tongue out. Thanks, Dylan.

Buy Time Piles. Don’t suck.

For years, South Florida-bred artist and daytime software developer Dylan Romer ran around town with a laptop, a camcorder, and an XBox 360 controller. Armed with a BFA from FIU, an MFA from UF, and a homemade program, he created live psychedelic video art that screened at galleries around Miami. He captured events as they happened — people booty-dancing at shows, performance artists writhing, drummers pounding — and translated the images into choppy renderings of reorganized time. Through his program, the world looks like a moving collage of double exposed images.

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I happened to be over at Miami Art Museum the other day, and Michael Balbone, who you might know from Less Concept More Action or because he creates amusing and amazing works of art, has revamped the museum’s gift shop. It’s now filled with items that your family will want, well, your family that knows the Miami art scene or has a stellar sense of humor. Check out this madness here.

by , posted Dec 19, 11:58 AM

A delayed bit of Basel with a taste of Nathan Lam Vuong and a touch of Liz Tracy

david rohn the amazing ultran nathan lam vuong

I didn’t have much time to dedicate to THL this Art Basel Miami Beach. Time is a limited and valuable commodity, and I had to offer all of mine to making income. To all the haters, I think it’s an understandable trade.

I know no one cares about Basel anymore, it was like so two weeks ago. I get it, but I’ve got something left to say. My old roommate and bestie artist Nathan Lam Vuong, who you may know as DJ Sticky Rice, came into town from Los Angeles and enjoyed the week with me. I planned out a packed week of art, parties, work, and socializing, because I’m an obsessive hyper-planner and I had to budget time for writing. You can check out some highlights from our week on Nate’s Tumblr, and/or you can read about them here. Do both.

We had fun. I must say, it was a good time. I started the week before Nate got here farting around town with Bleeding Palm. We went by Pulse and Scope and Design Miami and the MOCA party – Miami’s Mark Handforth’s work is big and badass – and the French party at the old Perrotin space, ending the night at the Roofless Records party at Churchill’s. Some guy from Patrick McMullen took our photo, made me feel special. That was all in one evening. The freaking party at the former Perrotin space was again a blast. Every year, the best, the end. There were definitely less people than in the past this Basel, but it didn’t take away from the free-flowing wine and awesomely bad dance music. As usual, they ran out of glasses and I made the guy pour out a Sprite can to fill with up with spirits. There’s a Lil Kim joke in there somewhere.

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Art Basel Miami Beach: Misael Soto on a very big towel

misael soto

It was kind of windy yesterday, but that didn’t stop Misael Soto from executing his plan to lay out on a huge towel he constructed. The purpose of going out to 6th Street on Miami Beach was to bring strangers together to lounge around with him on the sand.

Misael’s work is playful, fun, and speaks about community and friends. He got about twenty people to commit to chatting with him and becoming new buds on the big blue towel, while others just sat around on it. According to Soto he wanted to, in a public arena “break the barrier of how people set aside their own space.” When folks go to the beach, the towel is their real estate for the day. He said, “I wanted to subvert that with a big ass one that is for everybody. It’s everybody’s beach towel.” He’ll probably be on 17th Street again on Sunday.

Look how big it is!


A Simple Guide To Surviving Art Basel

A friend recently asked me for a guide to surviving Art Basel. After pointing him in the direction of Liz’s masterful event listing, I gave him two words of advice: “you won’t.”

Well maybe that’s not advice, more of a truth. Art Basel was not created with your survival in mind. It is designed to strangle you and leave your body in an irrigation ditch, preferably somewhere near the Everglades. It is the art world’s version of China Buffet – too much, all at once, in every conceivable way until a level of discomfort is achieved and you feel feverish from too much MSG. It’s a whirlpool of commerce crammed into a week and none of it was designed with individual enjoyment in mind.

Look, if you can’t handle an entire day at a major museum (and don’t lie, very few people can) there is little chance you can survive Basel or the innumerable other things going on around it. So maybe you want to follow these tips, formatted in the simplest format possible cribbed mercilessly from Highlights for Children:

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Art Basel Miami Beach: Farley Aguilar takes over Scope Art Show

farley aguilar scope

Today is the preview of Scope Art Show, which is put together by THL friend Daniel Laburu and will feature one of my favorite people and artists Farley Aguilar. His cryptic and haunting paintings will be taking over Booth B23, curated by Anthony Spinello. Make sure to stop by. Farley’s work is the shit (there’s an art term for ya).


Art Basel Miami Beach: catch this graffiti mural being created now at Bakehouse Art Complex

lalo vargas bac graffiti

Graffiti culture as we know it strengthened and expanded during the eighties. In South Florida, a community of artists who have been tagging away for the past three decades have come together on a project. Reuniting through a Facebook group, Miami Graffiti History aka MGH80’s, members Aurelio Roman aka DMS organized a memorial and gathering of writers, even ones from out of town. Over a dozen artists will be working on a massive mural on a wall outside of the Bakehouse Art Complex this Art Basel. There will be DJs and dancing.

This image was created by Lalo Vargas aka END with TIME and GWIZ to memorialize a friend who passed away, Ocho Placas tattoo shop’s Jose L Carrera aka Nasty Nes.

Check it out live till Dec. 2 at 561 NW 32nd Street.


Bhakti Baxter and Jenna Balfe talk about the must-see-everyone-will-go art blowout tonight in the DD


It’s Sunday already, and we’re all taking fearful baby steps toward Basel. It’s only days away and shit has already begun.

Tonight at 3825, Bhakti Baxter’s space in the Design District, there will be a Miami style, art blow out. If you want a good taste of what we have to offer artistically as a city, this is the event you should attend. There will be performances and a Balance BBQ Sculpture by Baxter and Jason Hedges, presenting a medieval cooking device. The show is a collaboration with NDS shop and Diet Gallery’s Hard Poems in Space.

We happened upon Baxter and Jenna Balfe who will be performing at the show and accosted them for a chat.

Tell me about the show.

Bhakti: The show is to celebrate the space that four or five artists have been working in in the last eight years and it’s closing because it will be demolished the beginning of next year. We wanted to have one last throwdown at the space.

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Art Basel Miami Beach: The Heat Lightning's massive, all-inclusive list of satellite fairs and related events

ferris bueller art

Art Basel Miami Beach. It’s baaack.

We have again put together a comprehensive list of Art Basel and related events to assist you in your Basel journey. Last year, Venessa Monokian and I created Bikable Basel maps. Some places have moved, but you can still use them and your bike (be green, guys).

You should remember to go to Scope, Pulse, and NADA because I like them the best. Then you should go to all of these events down here. I starred ones that I will either be at or, if I were multiple people existing at the same time, would attend all of.

If you don’t see something on here, add it to the comments, please! Thanks.

Remember to hydrate, people! Wear comfortable shoes. Learn something new about something. And for God’s sake, have a happy Basel!

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