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Post-ironic: The scarf

the scarf

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Post-ironic: Gay chicken

gay chicken

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Post-ironic: After the beep

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Lost Tamagotchi


Dear people of the state of Florida and beyond,

I have just recovered my tamagotchi.
His name is Waffles. He was in my car.
Please do not look down on me, because I cracked the window open, and because my child lives a shorter life than a dog-year.
I have reaffirmed my competency as a single parent.



Remember the time I stabbed four people?

This lady that looks like michael jackson stabbed four people

This lady that looks like Michael Jackson stabbed four people, including a lady (in the neck!) with a baby.

Bitch had two knives?!!

Nathan Lam Vuong is a super, awesome artist who is living in Los Angeles.


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