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Unrequited crushes

subway crush

We all have unrequited crushes
be they half-asleep
or mostly dead criminals,
these hunky finds will keep hope alive for the phrase “I don’t have a type.”


R.E.M. (1980-2011)

rem document

R.E.M. committed suicide on September 21, 2011. The college band that started in 1980 wrote many radio hits including stream of consciousness “It’s the End of the World as We Know It,” “Stand” (featured on the opening Chris Elliott’s FOX show Get A Life), “Losing My Religion” (to the band, an unexpected hit, and oddly but understandably about “a crush”), and “Man on the Moon” (also the title of the film starring Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman). Some think that naked pictures from frontman Michael Stipe in an artful[ish] slideshow video led to the band’s demise, despite the band saying its time to dip out, yo!

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Post-ironic 17: She's Mad

she's mad nathan lam vuong small

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Post-ironic 16: Growing Dinosaurs

growing dinosaurs small

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Post-ironic: grad assistant

nathan small post ironic storm

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Post-ironic: Storm

storm small

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Post-ironic: birthday cake 2

nathan bday cake 2 small

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Post-ironic: birthday cake

birthday cake


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Post-ironic: friendship bear

friendship bear small

Check out more of Nathan’s comics here.

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Post-ironic: puppy

go away


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Post-ironic: death

panda death


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Post-ironic: baby unicorns

hold my hand


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Post-ironic: knee touching

knees touching


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Post-ironic: preparation Voyager

voyager cartoon small


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Do you wish your man was a real man? They can be.

Set to the music of Erasure’s Always, become ROBOT UNICORN!!

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Post-ironic 5: Flashcards

postironic flashcards1


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Wish you were here: San Francisco Gay Pride 2010

gay cat

Last Thursday, I was invited to Gay Pride San Francisco by a professor. She’s like the Queen of the Damned of Lipstick Lesbians (seriously, and amazing). I quickly dropped whatever plans I had (summer nothings and depressive moping), and dipped out with her, a classmate, and her dog Cricket the next day. As broke as I was, I was really sad I couldn’t try to find a way to a friend’s wedding two hours away, but I wasn’t driving so I thought, “hmm… ok, it is what it is.” Being a Southerner really awed me to see what San Francisco had to offer. I like to think that L.A. is just like Miami x50, and San Francisco is NY but cleaner, but my friend said, “it’s that, plus the people are nicer and sooo much more less pretentious.” There must be a reason the gays get more action in San Fran then.

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Post-ironic: The Eskimo kiss

eskimo kiss

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