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Sorrypants - a manifestation

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Rebecca Inducil’s sorrypants would like to tell you a few things about how to properly deal with a breakup.

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Roofless Records' second Miami Micro-show in few words and many photos by Bleeding Palm

micro-show crowd surfer

All photos by Bleeding Palm.

A half-drunk herd of people ran from room to room in an empty house on Saturday night, mostly smiling, rushing to catch one minute performances by thirty bands, creating varying levels of noise.

Matt Preira with his Roofless Records brought us the first Micro-show in Miami last year at the Little River Yacht Club. This year, he doubled the number of bands and managed to get Carlos Rigau to hand over his keys to General Practice and let about 100 of us wander without care around his house.

The show was organized in collaboration with Breathmint, ZRadio, Augurari, and Charest-Weinberg. The madness created by the awkward space, rushing us from room to room, added such a wonderful, kind of community building and challenging element to whole affair.

We offer you some photos of the show taken by the brilliant Bleeding Palm. At the end, there’s Micro-show rules and who was supposed to play.

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I spent the night on the lawn outside of Government Center in solidarity with the Occupy Miami movement. I also wrote up a log for the Miami New Times describing my experiences out there. I’m obviously in support of the movement, but some of the other occupiers left me mean, bitchy comments implying that I am an asshole, which I am, but only out of love. I wanted to be honest and had to be a little jokey about the experience. What’s happening out there is mostly beautiful – community building, political discussions, people learning about democracy, I love it – but it is sprinkled with bit of a-hole bullshit. Any group of people working together for a common goal will have its downside and usually it’s battitudes. Anyway, read it, and go out and support.

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Occupy Miami is serious business, so read about it.

occupy miami

I’ve been covering the Occupy Miami movement for Miami New Times, so make sure to click over there and read what I’ve seen and heard. This is an important exercise in democracy and you may not want to sleep out in the rain, but you should pay attention. It’s really something neat and special going on. People are working together to build a community. They’re learning to communicate with each other and about the democratic process. Go by and show some support.

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Books and Books in Coral Gables is hosting a reading of Tigertail’s 9th literary annual Florida Flash. Editor of this year’s book Lynne Barrett gave each author a 305 maximum word limit. How could you not love that idea? The reading starts at 8 p.m. tonight and a few THL writers and friends are featured in this wonderful anthology, including Peter Borrebach, JJ Colagrande, Denise Delgado, J. David Gonzalez, Dave Landsberger, and Yaddyra Peralta. I’ll be occupying Miami later, but I’ll be with Tigertail in spirit.

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As of about an hour ago, Miami is now part of the growing Occupy Wall Street movement! Protesters gathered outside of the Torch of Friendship earlier, marched to Government Center, and came to the consensus that they’re setting up shop there indefinitely. Read about it on Miami New Times’ Riptide 2.0. Wow! What a day!

by , posted Oct 15, 07:29 PM

Occupy Miami and Flute Salad today: protest and then enjoy your life!

As you can see, we’ve been talking a lot about the Occupy movements here on THL. We brought our art dares to the planning meeting last week with Mike Balbone. John Spain gave us a rundown of what it’s like everyday on Wall Street and Farrah Farley protested in DC and told us what was going on there and in Austin.

We’ll be at the Occupy Miami demonstration in an hour at the Torch of Friendship in front of Bayfront Park with friends and family (that’s right, my mom’s going). It’s from 1 to 3 and afterward, I believe there’ll be planning meetings. Hope to see you there!

After you’ve told the man he can suck it, come discuss politics and dance away your worries of a failing economy at Flute Salad at Lester’s in Wynwood (2519 NW 2nd Avenue). Life is rough, 99% of us are broke, so we’re encouraging you to not only protest, but also to enjoy life. It’s me and Amanda Leah playing really fun music, and we start early, so come by after 8 p.m. Read about it here on Crossfade.

flute salad


Less Concept, More Action: Miami Art Dares with Michael Balbone

mike balbone occupy miami

Less Concept, More Action is a project by Misael Soto and Liz Tracy which dares Miami artists to do things that make them uncomfortable, but in a friendly way.

We ran into artist Mike Balbone at the Occupy Miami planning meeting last Saturday where a very nonorganic dare idea popped up organically. While other organizers spoke for hours about protests, permits, porta potties, and sustainable cuisine we sent Mike on a particularly dangerous and tasteless dare, asking him to bring back food from the evil corporate poisoner McDonald’s and eat it at the meeting. He bravely agreed.

Can you briefly describe the work you make?
My work mostly deals with recycling and crafts and public memes and pop culture and love.

How do you feel about the Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Miami movement?
I support it, but sometimes a sad thing that can happen with such protests are the people think it’s a venue for their own personal diatribes instead of the actual group consensus of changing things with government, politics, and Wall Street.

Would you attend the demonstration next Saturday?
I think I’d have to stop showering for a week to be on par.
Yah, I totally would, I’m just kidding!

He’ll be there. But first, he ate McDonald’s.

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2012 Bruise Cruise tickets are on sale now!

Bruise Cruise Vacation from BRUISE CRUISE FEST on Vimeo.

So, the Bruise Cruise is almost back again! Well, not really. It’s about four months away, but it’s kinda pretty soon. It seems like only last week that I got myself all tore up at the Bruise Cruise pre-party at Grand Central. I have to say, it was probably the last time I had that much fun in public with my body.

The 2012 Bruise Cruise is taking place from Feb. 10 to 13. The lineup is looking good with Fucked Up, King Khan and the Shrines, The Soft Pack, The Dirtbombs, Thee Oh Sees, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Neil Hamburger, and The Togas which is made up of Ty Segall, some of the Strange Boys, Reigning Sound and Shannon and the Clams. DJ Mr. Jonathan Toubin will be spinning, too.

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Here are two wonderful links for the day.
Musical goddess Kate Bush’s new album 50 Words for Snow is coming out on November 21 and her single “Wild Man” hit the web. It’s dedicated to the mythical beast bigfoot, of course. Listen here.

Another artist that I wish were my pal Manu Chao held a concert in Arizona and kinda almost met with America’s douchiest sheriff. An article on the event begins: The stage was set for an impromptu public debate on Arizona’s immigrationpolicies when Sheriff Joe Arpaio stepped out for a sandwich Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 20, and found a press conference assembled just outside his office to call attention to Manu Chao’s appearance at Festival de Resistencia.
Read the full story here

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Sorrypants - cute, but fuck you

sorrypants small

Rebecca Inducil’s sorrypants would like to tell you a few things about how to properly deal with a breakup.

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Black Star brought it right on home last night at the Fillmore

talib kweli

In 1998, my then roommate and I drove up to Gainesville for Gator Growl. My experience was non-traditional in that I spent time with people more interested in snorting K to a drum and bass soundtrack than to football. It was on that trip that I met a dude who I ended up dating for a bit long distance. I’d go up there, he’d come down to Miami. We had shared musical tastes, and it was in his car that I first heard Black Star. It was a cassette that was passed on to me, and which I cherished endlessly thereafter.

I get attached to albums. Like I fall in love with them as if they were people. They are imperfect. They have their lesser songs, but they’re always tolerable, and the good songs, they’re the best. In no way do I think that because I love an album, it is great, but Black Star is, objectively, actually a near perfect album. So, when I heard that Rock the Bells were bringing Mos Def and Talib Kweli to Miami together as Black Star, I kind of lost my shit. Then I got even more excited to hang out in a group of people my own age.

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The Great Wide Open's Meatball surprise

rob meatball lorie 3

All video and photos by Venessa Monokian.

I missed the big surprise at Meatball’s opening this Saturday. I knew there was going to be one, but I was at Lester’s playing music, waiting for people to come over after it was all revealed. Saturday night was artist Rob “Meatball” Lorie’s first solo show, titled after one of the classic Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ songs “Into the Great Wide Open.”

Rob and Justin Long not only share space at the Little River Yacht Club where the show took place, but they also share sensibilities. With Funner Projects, they’re always making something insane, complex, and mechanical that will catch you off guard or let you have fun for once, you sad sacks. Their art is usually interactive or in your face. A few years ago with their show The Youth Fair, Bro, Rob and Justin made a bike powered Gravitron. Point is, when they announced Rob would be doing a show with landscape paintings, a guy who hasn’t painted in ten years, it was pretty clear that wasn’t all there was to it.

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Eat yourself a big bowl of Flute Salad at Lester's this Saturday

flute salad

Not sure if you guys made it out last month for Flute Salad, Amanda Leah and my dance party at Lester’s? Anyway, it was genuinely fun. Like a really good time. We played some Tears for Fears, 2 Live Crew, Snoop, King Khan and the Shrines, and you danced. Oh, you danced!

This Saturday we will have more of the same kind of good times at Lester’s at 2519 NW 2 Ave. Hopefully, we’ll also have a repeat of our brilliant drawings of phallic flutes!!! Come by after you enjoy Meatball’s solo show at the Little River Yacht Club!

Here are a few subpar photos from last month. Come and be merry!

flute salad kizzy

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Rob "Meatball" Lorie's handwritten interview on his upcoming solo show The Great Wide Open

meatball small

Rob “Meatball” Lorie is a growing legend around these parts. With a website dedicated to sightings of him – I Heart Meatballz – and an upcoming solo show The Great Wide Open, the world is his oyster, or maybe, he is our Meatball.

I went down to Little River Yacht Club yesterday where the show will take place. I made Rob nuts with a handwritten note interview. This workshop/gallery space is where Mr. Lorie has a studio, and thus is a portal into this world from a magical artistic dimension in Meatball’s mind. I asked artist and man-in-charge over at the LRYC Larry Newberry if he’d tell me one word he would use to describe Rob. He said, “Other than Meatball?”

Before you head over to Flute Salad at Lester’s on Saturday, September 24, read this interview and check out Meatball’s show named after the popular Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers song at 70 NW 73rd St.

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ANR's "It's Around You" video premiered on Rolling Stone and my body is in it


Miami music duo ANR’s newest video “It’s Around You” made its web debut today on Rolling Stone. You read right, Rolling fucking Stone. The video, directed by artist Jillian Mayer and Borscht Film Festival’s Lucas Leyva, offers frantic, haunting, funny, and captivating imagery. Most importantly, my ass and belly make appearances alongside a bunch of other lovely Miami ladies doing things like dancing and swimming. I was a little “tipsy” when it was filmed since it was on my birthday, and laughed the whole time because I love being dragged around by my ankles on a makeshift slip and slide (note to the men out there). The “It’s Around You” video has a sense of humor (keep your eyes peeled for the toenails) and a sexy, childlike irreverence. Enjoy it, people!

ANR (Awesome New Republic) “It’s Around You” from Mayer\Leyva on Vimeo.


Singer Alina Celeste talks children's music, death, ladybugs, and all

alina hevia

LA-based, Miami-raised singer and songwriter Alina Hevia doesn’t just play music for people sipping coffee or beer at bars. A huge part of her audience is very short and enthusiastic, oftentimes dirty, sometimes loud. They are children. Her band The Luvnauts perform Americana music with traditional bluegrass and folk structures for both the super young and grownups.

Alina and I have been friends since middle school where we spent many nights at her house being dramatic like preteens tend to be. She has a beautiful voice and is in town, performing tomorrow. So we sat down and talked a bit about the darkness of childhood, the coddling of kids, and of course happy music!

Hillary George, one of her bandmates will be present for her show tomorrow at Books and Books in Coral Gables (265 Aragon Avenue). There’s a kids show at 10 a.m. and an “adult show” at 8 p.m.

You’ve been singing since you were young, what do you hope to come from the music you make?

I’m doing kids music as well as grown-up stuff. I taught for eight years so it’s really borne out of that. There’s only so many times you can play godawful children’s CDs before you want to make your own. I just really wanted to make music in the classroom that didn’t make me want to jump out the window.

There’s some good children’s music like Dan Zanes.

I like him. There’s actually Lisa Loeb. Hers is really fun. It’s super low key, like you’re not gonna throw a party to it, but it’s pretty and it’s not grating.

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Fashion's Night Out supermodel video mix with Janet Jackson and The Cars

So, of course, I’ll be bringing my body up to the Design District today for Fashion’s Night Out, the international mercantile, capitalistic fuckfest for the rich and a free drink party for the poor. Last night, chatting with Soul of Miami, I was reminded that the best parties will be at Bal Harbour, so if you live up there, crash ‘em.

Even though the age of the supermodel has long passed, I decided to throw a few videos with those old hoes together for nostalgia’s sake and for other peoples’ pervy masturbation purposes. Man, ’90s fashions were generally ugly, but the ladies and dudes looked good. OK. Enough. Here it goes.

Let’s start at the top. George Michael with “Freedom” really grasped the frustration and fun of this strange decade. The thing is, though there was financial freedom, fashion-wise, things were a little “mature.” My best friend bought me Chanel earrings and a Burberry bag, which were awesome and adorable and endure as staples, but we were like 21. Only in the ’90s. Seriously.

George Michael – Freedom '90 by jpdc11

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