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Everybody Must Get Stoned

Amid the organic Asian vinaigrettes, root vegetables and hippie drum circles, the gemstone shaman of the Coconut Grove Farmer’s Market awaits your arrival.

You can feel the importance of these hours, these rocks, these days, this Saturday afternoon. Sunlight bounces off the crystal-covered table and shoots straight into your eyes, pulling you towards Jonah’s Jeweled Blessings.

“It took you this long to find me,” Jonah Jordan, owner and operator, asks, cracking a smile.

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Everything in its right place—Talkin’ records, Kmart gigs & Babyface collabs with Plains

plains miami

Michael McGinnis has mastered the art of selection.

The bearded songwriter and architect behind the Miami-based band Plains rarely releases new tracks, plays local gigs sparingly and in the 1990s chose some pretty sweet albums in the Columbia House 10 tapes for a penny scam.

“I feel like the less you do something, the more desirable it is,” McGinnis said, nursing a latte on a recent Saturday afternoon at Sweat Records.

We sat down with McGinnis, bassist Max Johnston, guitarist Jorge Gonzalez Graupera, and drummer Jorge Rubiera to talk vinyl, their influences, and Miami dream gigs.

THL: What were some of your early influences and first records you bought as a kid?

McGinnis: I was really into punk rock, and then I got into Zeppelin and the Beatles and all the classic rock stuff. I did the Columbia House thing, and got Beastie Boys’ License to Ill, Warren G, Weezer — that was huge, I learned how to play drums and guitar to The Blue Album.

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