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About The Heat Lightning

seahorses, obvslyThe Heat Lightning attempts intelligent written and visual approaches to culture, politics, the mundane, and the grotesque. We are inspired by humor and thoughtfulness, the smart and the goofy.

THL is heavy with Miami nostalgia and littered with the unique perspectives of those individual minds who have joined forces on this collaborative venture. Most of the contributors have been touched by the Magic City, though many aren’t from South Florida, and simply have a view and creativity that appeals to THL editors.

[Now, some brief words on Miami. This city has often been seen as an intellectual wasteland, but we at THL know that that is garbage, a falsity, and a generally dumb opinion. Yes, it is a tourist town, but MIA has given those of us who’ve stayed here a unique life-view, and so many others such lovely tans.

Certainly the city lacks a bit in the way of classiness and ambition, but it is a wonderful, smart, accepting, and hilarious place to grow up. If you’ve lived here, no matter where you go in your life, or what you do, your Miami sensibilities are something that will always return to you, like that one traumatic summer you had or like that time you got molested. As they say, “you can take the bitch out the ghetto, but you can’t the ghetto out the bitch.”]

There are things that THL is saying that aren’t already out in the universe. Not everything here is groundbreaking or completely original, but often enough, we express our own voices in a way that doesn’t shame us. We value our creativity and crazy perspectives.

This is an online community, a journal, a forum with big opinions. We are here for entertainment, for discussion, to be hated on, and loved all over.

We love you THL readers. We love and welcome you to our site.