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A Birthday Manifesto

I am a thirtysomething questionably professional man living in New York City. I do not consider myself a social butterfly or as having a particularly special or exciting personal life.

Regardless it has gotten to the point where even meeting a group of friends at a bar requires a minimum of 15 emails juggling no fewer than 3 proposed dates. I have friends that have kids, friends that are planning on having kids shortly, friends that are working frantically so they can afford somewhere into which they can place children, and people who are just generally so busy at work or with vaguely work-like engagements for which they don’t get paid (networking? Is that what this is called?) that they can’t ever do anything with real friends.

I realize I’m not the only one with these ‘problems’ (specifically white people and first world) but generally they are not really that hard to deal with. That is, except when it comes to birthdays.

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RIP Jason Budjinski, who you may have known as Billy Boloby

It’s only June, and this has already been a year of many deaths for me. It’s also been a shit one for the New Times family too, which I was a part of, am a part of as a freelancer. In the past three months or so, two writers — Alex Rendon, who was a friend of mine, Kareem Shaker — and now former Broward music editor and South Florida musician Jason Budjinski, aka Billy Boloby, passed away.

I only knew Jason through our Facebook exchanges and because he wrote a blog or two for the site when I had his old job. Some people you only know online and can’t figure out who they are, or you just hate their guts, but not this guy. He always had something smart or thoughtful to say and knew how to say whatever it was clearly and with style. He had real perspective on things and a sense of humor about his lengthy illness, without being crass. I saw he wrote about being under hospice care a few days back, but it’s always a surprise when a 38 year old dies. Always. He didn’t make it to Tuesday this week.

Here’s a tribute to him written by my former coworker/boss Deirdra Funcheon. Read it and, well, weep.


It's Tuesday and this week will never end so here is an hour mix of proto-80's music.

Everything Old is New Romantic (Again) by Krylonultraflat on Mixcloud

It’s Tuesday and this week will never end. Why not listen to an hour long mix of proto-80’s New Romantic songs?

Extremely long writeup of what this music means to me and some reminsicing about my childhood and/or dancing at SoHo Lounge after the jump.

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Aren’t you at least a bit curious about how Columbia House managed to sell you 8 CD’s for a penny, as told by a bunch of insiders with indie rock bonafides? You know you are. Featuring random stories about Insound, Stephen Malkamus and why Drag City won’t sell out.

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Monday Fugue Links

Image: Comics with Problems

Because Monday is boring and you smell bad.


I am a laundromat connoisseur

I have no idea how I became a connoisseur of laundromats. Somewhere between reading the inflated expectations of Yelp reviewers and reflections on my own misery while waiting for my load to dry, I realized I had a gift.

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... and here it is, your moment of zen.

Thanks for stopping by folks. I am excited for what the future may bring.


How far would you go for a free doughnut? $35 far?

So it’s apparently National Donut Day and Liz is hungry. We don’t have a lot of options here so we turned to TaskRabbit.

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I don't think I hate LeBron James anymore

Over the past few years, my friends were having babies. During that time, I learned to watch basketball. Single and broke, it was free and fun and the Miami Heat were winning, and the winning felt really, really good.

But when LeBron announced his betrayal, that he was leaving the Heat to go back home to the Cleveland Cavaliers, I took it a little personally.

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If you are not already reading Ed Piskor’s serialized comic book Hip Hop Family Tree, you could start at a lot worse places than this week’s page outlining the origin of Miami’s own 2 Live Crew.

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Yeah I don’t know what the hell we think we’re doing either.

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Three Words That Do Not Belong Near An NBA Star: Capri Pant Suit. If you need additional words that don’t belong, let’s add double breasted and polka dot.

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Atlantic Cities takes a look at Alton Road and the local effort to enact a ‘Complete Street’ policy.

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Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse finally released in full!
This Universe: Still Screwed

Quoth co-director Ronnie Rivera: After a long intergalactic battle with the evil forces at the NBA we are now safe to show people our short film.

I think by “safe” they mean from intergalactic oppression moreso than legal brouhaha but what do I know? Full writeup for the film is on Borscht’s tumblr.


Kiki Valdes Solo Exhibition Opening Reception This Saturday

Kiki Valdez will host a showing of his most recent work entitled “The Valdeziacs” at 101 Exhibit this Saturday. The tongue in cheek reference to the classic Warner Bros. show contained in the exhibit’s title should give you an idea of what to expect – frentic compositions fraught with cartoon imagery twisted into mild abstraction. Sounds like a fun time. There’s a Q&A with the artist online here.

Opening Reception is this Saturday April 27th from 7-10pm
101 Exhibit – 101 NE 40th Street. Miami FL. 33137

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