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Doonesbury – April 5th, 2015. Somehow this has only gotten worse.

  • Two dolphin species form alliance and have sexytimes. It’s like an oceanographic key party out there.
  • ‘Why I Deleted Your Band’s Promo Email’ – via The Morning News
  • Cosby’s people seem to be confusing ‘proof of criminal activity’ with ‘proof of being a sociopathic predatory skeezwad.’ What I love most about this is that there’s really no need to editorialize the statements here – they’re so plainly indefensible that only someone getting paid an insane amount of money by said skeezwad could defend them.
  • The theme of this week’s news seems to be “assholes who won’t shut up.” I don’t have a link for this as I’m going back to pretending Donald Trump doesn’t exist.
  • The last time I was in San Francisco I got kicked out of a bar in the mission in the early evening. As I walked down the street giggling drunkenly with friends, a lesbian couple glared at us as they were taking out their recycling. One was wearing a jeweled bindi on her forehead and a look of utter disgust on her emaciated, presumably vegan face. I have never felt more despised and cared less about it. Anyway San Francisco is where good ideas go to die and is more than a little fucked.
  • In closing I worked real real hard on this mix and you should listen to it, dammit.

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