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Here Are Some Super Repetitive Songs Because It's Monday And We Can't Think

Rules: nothing featuring vocal samples otherwise everything on this list would just be Daft Punk.

Head with Wings

This is how I got started on this. “I got a head with wings,” some airplane noises, and a short verse in the middle that masquerades as a chorus. All you need on a Monday morning.

Ack Ack Ack

This song is like a Cathy comic strip come to life.

I Like Short Songs

Truth in advertising right here.

Surfin Bird

85 times. According to a VH1 article I stumbled across, this is how many times you hear the word “bird” here. I’m not about to double check.

The One I Love

Some facts:
1. This song is gorgeous.
2. It’s probably the least repetitive song here
3. At this point in time Michael Stipe could have gotten away with anything.

I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

12 words. 12 vaguely dirty words. That’s all John and Paul needed here to make you feel slightly awkward, mostly for them as it’s a little dirtier and a little sexier than they can reasonably pull off.



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