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RIP Jason Budjinski, who you may have known as Billy Boloby

It’s only June, and this has already been a year of many deaths for me. It’s also been a shit one for the New Times family too, which I was a part of, am a part of as a freelancer. In the past three months or so, two writers — Alex Rendon, who was a friend of mine, Kareem Shaker — and now former Broward music editor and South Florida musician Jason Budjinski, aka Billy Boloby, passed away.

I only knew Jason through our Facebook exchanges and because he wrote a blog or two for the site when I had his old job. Some people you only know online and can’t figure out who they are, or you just hate their guts, but not this guy. He always had something smart or thoughtful to say and knew how to say whatever it was clearly and with style. He had real perspective on things and a sense of humor about his lengthy illness, without being crass. I saw he wrote about being under hospice care a few days back, but it’s always a surprise when a 38 year old dies. Always. He didn’t make it to Tuesday this week.

Here’s a tribute to him written by my former coworker/boss Deirdra Funcheon. Read it and, well, weep.



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