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Oly Talks Super Lips, Spirit Animals, and Karaoke as a Force For Good

Oly speaks from the heart about karaoke before co-hosting the debut night Super Lips tomorrow night at Lester’s.

THL: If you were stuck on a desert island with only one song to karaoke to, what song would it be and who would you do it with? No cheating and picking the original artist!

Oly: Something thats a challenge, a fast rap song that is totally unintelligible. i tend to mumble my way through the hard parts but being on desert island could allow me the time to do it right. now as far as with someone.. dave chapelle? we could do dead prez hip hop. although he’s probably way over that song by now. he is so funny.

THL: On a potentially related note, who or what is your karaoke spirit animal?

Oly: Peacock? they sing but its really scary. or maybe a cat, have you heard them in the middle of the night? what a pair of lungs those felines have!

THL: Is being drunk at karaoke actually required or is that a myth?

Oly: No drunkenness needed, ever. but when it combines its like fried chicken and waffles. who knew it could be so good?

THL: Finally, in 15 words or less, please sum up your thoughts on karaoke as a force for good in society.

Karaoke kills. don’t believe me? Here are 2 examples.



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