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Abel's 4,000 albums that matter: Part Twenty One

Everything comes to an end. It must. Like Rick Moranis. We will slowly and painfully grind to a halt with such extreme snail-ness that one day, when it is gone; you’ll think it had gone a long time ago. In the meantime, two of our winners have already received their mix-tapes and the reviews are nothing short of stark raving madness. I strike again. With impudence. And mostly against the English Language and Her Grammar and Spellings which makes me a language misogynist I guess. Oh well. Rick Moranis, think about it.

501. DEAD BOYS — WE HAVE COME FOR YOUR CHILDREN. A lot of people never gave this album a chance but I really dig on “Son of Sam,” “Flame Thrower Love” <— for the cream-treatable problems you may or may not encounter along the way, to the classic “3rd Generation Nation.” Awesome.

502. THE BOUNCING SOULSTHE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE ARGYLE. Cool New Jersey punk from these long running mofo’s. Got this when they performed in Ft. La-dee-duh back in ’95 or ’96, can’t remember very well but I do remember having a good time.

503. FELA KUTI AND AFRIKA 70 — ZOMBIE. The album that got his compound attacked. Zombie! Government employee! Army man! “Mister Follow Follow!” Great fucking album and his 27th to boot. Crucial. I’ve always kinda thought of this LP as a 45 on steroids and one of the sharpest “kicks to the balls” any government has ever received via music.

504. ARCHIE SHEPPBODY AND SOUL. Great jazz from one of the unsung brass-men of the time. Recorded in Rome, three tracks, “Body and Soul,” “Tropical” and “Dogon.” All good and smooth.

505. MIGHTY PANTHERWEST INDIAN CALYPSO MAGIC. Recorded along Lad Richards’ orchestra, Mighty Panther, one of the many AKA’s of Vernon Roberts; this is a good intro into the music of one of calypso’s greatest players. Trinidadian music is just so much fun!

506. THE dB’S — STANDS FOR DECIBELS. Opener “Black and White” is a jangle pop classic and probably the track they are best known for. From 1981.

507. RATOS DE PORÃO — BRASIL. Did I do this one already? Great record and it put these dudes on the map with their take on thrashy HC. Awesome. Great cover art too!

508. CATTLE DECAPITATIONHUMAN JERKY. Did I do this one too? Shit. I’m losing control. Should’ve done this “alphabetically” … oh well, who cares, it was bound to happen if it actually has happened. Word. Not unlike an Anal Cunt album, this tromps through eighteen tracks in sixteen minutes. Awesome!

509. BLACK FLAGJEALOUS AGAIN. Ahh! The 12” 45 RPM EP. Awesome. From “Revenge” to “White Minority” to Chuck Dukowski’s vocals on “You Bet We’ve Got Something Personal Against You.” Great record. But you should know that. Recorded with Ron “Chavo Pederast” Reyes before he found religious comfort with life.

510. GANG GREENANOTHER WASTED NIGHT. It’s a pretty good bet that the entire leitmotif of this album pretty much sums up how I’ve felt since joining the thirty-suck a handful of years ago. Their cover of Til Tuesday’s “Voice Carry” is probably better described by the alternate take reissued later, “Voices Scary.” B-Side opener, “Alcohol” is a classic of East Coast hardcore punk and therefore a good thing.



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