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Fashion Tips For Repping Miami when Abroad

image courtesy some moron at Zazzle

NO: I <3 305 t-shirt
YES: I Survived Hurricane Andrew t-shirt
HELL NO: “Taking My Talents to South Beach” t-shirt.

NO: University of Miami windbreaker
YES: University of Miami gothic M baseball hat
HELL NO: Anything that says “It’s All About the U” on it

YES: Alonzo Mourning throwback Heat jersey
MAYBE: Current LeBron or Wade Miami Heat jersey
NO: Latin Nights “El Heat” jersey, any player

NO: Golden Panthers t-shirt
NO: Golden Panthers Hat
YES: You are forbidden from mentioning FIU outside of South Florida
ALSO YES: Miami Dade College lacrosse jerseys

NO: White jacket over t-shirt à la Miami Vice
MAYBE: T-shirt with Don Johnson on it
YES: Don Johnson’s skin à la Buffalo Bill.



Fuck you! FIU is THE U. I love my alma mater.

EAT · Apr 18, 02:46 PM · #

Stop the hate. It’s all about FIU.

— Nicole · Apr 18, 04:04 PM · #

The college guide I had in high school listed FIU as Ivy League. True story.

alesh · Apr 18, 04:30 PM · #

Alesh, you sound as if you mock. I loved going to FIU. The F-eye-U as they called it.

EAT · Apr 19, 02:19 AM · #

what about these?

— no thanks · Apr 19, 07:46 AM · #

@no thanks

eeew. I forgot about those shirts.

john spain · Apr 19, 08:55 AM · #

I mostly went to north campus, which is a glorified high school. And not even glorified by very much.

alesh · Apr 19, 01:23 PM · #

I’d rep the El Heat jersey HARD out here on Cape Cod! Also, the “Gothic M” UM hat is still dorky.

— RickyP · May 14, 08:52 PM · #

I don’t know any UM apparel that ISN’T somehow dorky.

john spain · May 17, 01:32 PM · #

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