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Former THL fave Chuck Klosterman turned a misinformed rant on an album into an incredibly stupid commentary on gender, prompting rebuttals all involving different varieties of the phrase “Old Man Yelling” to varying effect. However, Jen is the only one to connect the dots and realize that if Klosterman isn’t our generation’s Andy Rooney, he soon will be.

by , posted Jan 26, 10:23 AM


I found his piece rather funny. If he shares my humor, which maybe he doesn’t (I can’t sit through his books, seriously, I’m the only one at THL who does not love him), I see it as a deliberate “old man” rant concerning this artist. Do I know her? No. Will I check her out? Maybe. However, she’s an easy target with all the stylized words and the puppets and shit. I think Chuck’s making fun of himself in essence for he falls within the same auspices of his charges in the closing statements of the article. Funny.

— Abel F. · Jan 26, 05:58 PM · #

1. Tune Yards suck.
2. Tune Yards really, really kind of suck.
3. This was really funny and thoughtful and maybe just needed an editor (call me, Chuck).
4. Andy Rooney had an illustrious, or at least successful and long, career.

EAT · Jan 27, 12:01 AM · #

it was a painful read (for all parties).

didn’t you watch the NBC mini-series Merlin? the best way to truly destroy someone is to forget about them and their evil magical powers will fade. or Miranda Richardson’s face will just start melting wherever she is.

nathan lam vuong · Jan 27, 12:01 PM · #

music sux get over it

— Guest · Jan 27, 05:57 PM · #

I thought I was gonna be sticking out like a sore thumb, but two of my favorite people are already there. I didn’t even see his post as him dissing Tune Yards, more like how hard it is for people to think you’re the shit. He seems to respect her, but he doesn’t really take anything in this too seriously, so I’m not going to either.

And for the record, I still like Arrested Development. I want another record.

— Ricky Pollo · Jan 29, 12:42 AM · #

So loving all these references to how old Klosterman is, since he’s five months younger than I am.

If not for Klosterman’s article, I wouldn’t have heard of tUnE-yArdDs or the whokill album. The music sounds pretty sweet to me, like a Nina Simone and Ani DiFranco love child.

“It doesn’t sound anything like Stereolab, but it sounds like an album made by someone who believes Stereolab was awesome.” That’s fucking funny.

But I call shenanigans. The overall tone is derisive and dismissive. Which wouldn’t be bad, except he’s trying to come across like he’s not being either. He should give himself a few days to listen and form an opinion, rather than foist this wishy-washy bullshit on us.

Aaron Curtis · Jan 31, 09:55 PM · #

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