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Art Basel Miami Beach: Farley Aguilar takes over Scope Art Show

farley aguilar scope

Today is the preview of Scope Art Show, which is put together by THL friend Daniel Laburu and will feature one of my favorite people and artists Farley Aguilar. His cryptic and haunting paintings will be taking over Booth B23, curated by Anthony Spinello. Make sure to stop by. Farley’s work is the shit (there’s an art term for ya).

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Farley Aguilar is my hero.

— Abel F. · Nov 29, 07:53 PM · #

Farley’s work will blow your pants off (another art term).

— Kizzy · Nov 30, 12:56 PM · #

Looks like he blew the pants off the fourth guy from the right. RIP Nosferatu!

— Jimmy · Nov 30, 10:17 PM · #

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