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Bhakti Baxter and Jenna Balfe talk about the must-see-everyone-will-go art blowout tonight in the DD


It’s Sunday already, and we’re all taking fearful baby steps toward Basel. It’s only days away and shit has already begun.

Tonight at 3825, Bhakti Baxter’s space in the Design District, there will be a Miami style, art blow out. If you want a good taste of what we have to offer artistically as a city, this is the event you should attend. There will be performances and a Balance BBQ Sculpture by Baxter and Jason Hedges, presenting a medieval cooking device. The show is a collaboration with NDS shop and Diet Gallery’s Hard Poems in Space.

We happened upon Baxter and Jenna Balfe who will be performing at the show and accosted them for a chat.

Tell me about the show.

Bhakti: The show is to celebrate the space that four or five artists have been working in in the last eight years and it’s closing because it will be demolished the beginning of next year. We wanted to have one last throwdown at the space.

Jenna, tell me, what are you going to do in abstract terms.

Jenna: We’re going to be playing with people. It’s like grownups don’t get to have enough fun, so we wanted to make a space where maybe they have a chance to do that. Especially within the whole farty context of Art Basel, we just want to be like: what is the object, why isn’t it fun more often? We’re using trash and then encouraging people to play with us in our beautifully assembled trash.

Will people like you playing with them or resent you?

Jenna: Hopefully like it. It’s going to be very easy going and we’re going to be very sensitive to people and respectful of their wishes or needs.

So, it’s not going to be obnoxious performance art?

Jenna: No, I just wanna have a nice time. I don’t want to be shocking people. I’m not going to invite people to rape me or anything.

Good, cause that would make people uncomfortable. This is on Sunday night.

Jenna: Sunday night, 6 to 11. There’s going to be food and women.

Women? Attractive women?

Jenna: Very attractive women and attractive men. Metrosexuals.

Everyone will go home with someone?

Jenna: Everyone. Even if it’s me going home with everyone. I’m kidding. Wait… rewind.

No one really thinks you’re going to go home with everybody. So, artistically. Tell me about the rest of the show.

Jenna: From what I get, Bhakti just invited a lot of people, a lot of unusual characters and some people that are more usual, I guess, and then mixed them all up to do this thing.

Bhakti, can you tell us why you picked these people?

Bhakti: Well, some of the people involved have had a personal working relationship with the space in the past and others are just friends that I felt were not getting the kind of exposure they should. Or maybe they didn’t have anything going on. So, I offered it to them. Some of the people are really young. It was just to switch it up and not just make it, ok, these are the people that worked here. But include people like Jenna who I’ve known my whole life. I wasn’t sure if she was an artist and she was like, yeah, I’m an artist. I’m like, OK, you’re an artist, do something in the show.

She’s going to play with people. Are you OK with that?

Bhakti: Perfect, that sounds awesome. Play with people.

Why would people want to come out for art early when there’s a week of Basel coming up?

Bhakti: Well, beyond just being able to witness the beautiful fly’s eye dome and the Dymaxion car and the stuff in front, we’ll be cooking food and it’ll be the more unconventional kind of show. It’s sort of a repurposed space, so it’s not like a pristine white gallery or a fair cubicle. It has more of a raw feel, more of an artists put together show as opposed to a curated art gallery. It’s another way to look at art. It will have everything ever. You miss it you miss it all.

Go to 3825 NE 1 Ct. from 6 to 11 p.m. to see work by Matthew Schreiber, Daniel Newman, Sarah Newberry , Emmett Moore, Jason Hedges, Natasha Velez, Jenna Balfe, Rasmus Høj Mygind, Oliver Sanchez, Misael Soto, OMG, Pete Kropotkin, Carlos Rigau Keneth Cohen, Nick Klein, Autumn Casey, and Mark Diamond.

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