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A Poem by Abel Folgar: THE SONG STARTS WITH “T”

(After Amit Majmudar’s “By Accident”)

The song starts with the letter “T” and it starts by accident.
The howl is not a shriek, it is an accident.

But there is something deliberate and cosmic;
a plane borne out of chaos and accidents.

The palms sway in sun and wind,
their inner sound, to the untrained eye, accidental.

Al-Shaytan knows the foils of humankind all too well
and he did not traipse upon them by accident.

Neither did humankind when it fully understood
that sweet is bitterly sweet in un-ironic accidence.

It is not so much having to grin and bear as it is
to fully accept the resplendence of harmonic accidents.

It is saying to oneself that the song does in essence
start with “T” and it is in no simple means, an accident.

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