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No shitting you, check out Poo Pourri, a perfume for your toilet bowl


It’s no surprise that poop is supposed to smell bad. You know the terms “acts like his/her shit don’t stink” or “thinks s/he shits roses.” Doesn’t the stinky nature of excrement serve an evolutionary purpose with the goal of keeping you away from it? It’s not dinner for fuck’s sake!

Of course, some asshole (get it) created this butt perfume and used the tagline, “Spritz the bowl before you go, and no one else will ever know!” The spray sold at Cream in South Miami (there’s a joke there, too) is a blend of nine essential oils and supposedly leaves a “protective film” on the water to eliminate odor when you do as nature intended.

Sure, I can go on and on about Poo Pourri and how strange it is they’re selling this at a high end boutique, but I know your self-conscious ass is gonna run out and buy it anyway. Happy spritzing!

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why didn’t i think of that? got one: a butt paste to be applied around your anus prior to defecation that would then encase potential stench, and perhaps even shit trails in the terrlet.

— leah · Sep 10, 08:52 PM · #

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