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What, is Duff Goldman nice now?
Anyone know what happened between Ace of Cakes and Sugar High?


Is it just me, or did anyone notice that Duff Goldman formerly of the Food Network program Ace of Cakes got a new nicer personality for his most recent venture Sugar High? Duff was kind of a tough cookie on his last show, easy with a laugh, but he seemed sort of holier than thou. His friend, who seem cool, were his employees, and together they made ridiculously extravagant, basically uneatable cakes popular. It was fun watching them fumble and brainstorm on how to make dessert look like crabs and corn and Wrigley Field. Charm City Cakes seemed like a nerdy fun place to work, but I just always had this feeling that Duff was not really all that nice.

Recently, After watching Andrew Zimmern barf up durian, I caught an episode of this show Sugar High hosted by a really enthusiastic and friendly balding dude. I was like, is that… No, wait, is it? Is that Duff? I mean, drastic personality change. He’s like bubbly and amped at all times on the new program. It’s either he hated being a boss, loves being on TV alone, or wait, is it that he has an actual sugar high?

Duff’s a strange guy anyway, according to the internet, he attended culinary school after getting degrees in history and philosophy. He’s apparently mighty multi-talented and also a graffiti artist and a metal sculptor. As a musician, he plays in both an Elvis tribute band called Danger Ace and with chill indie rockers Sand Ox. I watched him the other day on Chopped All Stars, (yes, all I do is watch the Food Network) and he seemed like a cool dude. I wonder what it was that made me think he was so not sweet on Ace of Cakes? Maybe it was just that before, he seemed normal, like someone who wouldn’t like me because my glasses weren’t cat eyes, and I’m not good at making cupcakes, and now he’s intensely psyched about strudel.

His newest gig involves us drooling at home while he takes it cross-country to eat delicious, decadent desserts. The Food Network site names a few of them, “chilled bread pudding on the Venice boardwalk in California and tableside s’mores in Dallas to Sno Ballz from the first-ever shaved-ice machine in New Orleans… lemon ginger mousse at a hip Asian diner in Boston and traditional rice pudding at a dessert boutique in Philadelphia.” It’s hard not to hate him. Put me on a motorcycle and feed me treats, and I suppose you’ll even get my miserable ass smiling. No, I mean it, put me on a motorcycle and feed me treats. Seriously. Pretty please?

Of course he doesn’t like the sheeter. This episode’s a bad example of his mean.

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I’ve never seen an episode but Becky was obsessed with Ace of Cakes.

Duff has signed books at the last two South Beach Wine and Food Festivals, and he was super-cool both years (for whatever that’s worth; I’m sure all the chefs are “on” because of the crowds). And last year he was surrounded by children, so that’s an extra test of goodwill.

He’s a stoner, how mean can he be?

Aaron Curtis · Aug 17, 09:57 PM · #

Maybe he wasn’t mean, but I always thought he seemed like someone who sort of thought he was better than everyone else. He certainly wasn’t as bubbly as he is on this new show.

EAT · Aug 17, 10:31 PM · #

andrew zimmerman is whack!

nathan lam vuong · Aug 17, 11:34 PM · #

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