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The taste of THL: cupcakes by Monica Carvajal, belles of the ball

The heat lightning cupcakes
Photo by Monica Carvajal. Look at those pretty bitches. They’re so sweet!

If you came out to What a Mission: THL’s Summer Extravaganza, you know it was true to its name. A mission for me, an extravaganza for you (I hope). Everyone involved contributed the fruits of their fantastic talents to make it a kickass party. I thought we’d first highlight one of the belles of the ball, Monica Carvajal’s THL flavored cupcakes. Monica wrote to me a few weeks ago and asked, “If THL were a cupcake, what would it taste like?” I told her they’d be spicy and nutty like a Mexican cocoa.

So, if you didn’t get a taste on Friday, here’s what THL tastes like: a caramel filled, cinnamon chocolate cake topped with a cayenne buttercream sprinkled with semi-sweet chocolate and red pepper flakes.

Basically, we’re delicious. Everyone loved them. We thought we’d ask Ms. Carvajal the deets on the only nourishment we offered at the party besides garnishes.

Liz: I know why you chose the flavor, but can you tell me why you chose those particular ingredients for the delicious cupcakes?

Monica: I wanted to create something that was little all over the place but still made sense all together at the same time. Different textures and colors and a flavor mash up, just like life, bro!

I know you’re critical of your own creations. But, did you like them? Cause we all loved them.

Well, I didn’t taste one but the general reaction was a bright eyed thumbs up and a smile – so I guess that’s a good sign.

How do you get the creamy stuff in the middle?

Patience, a piping bag full of caramel and a big fat french star tip as a cookie cutter.

What is your favorite thing to bake?

I can’t really choose a favorite, but I usually get asked to make cupcakes. I’m more of a fruit pie/tart person myself.

I think people should pay you tons of money to make them food. Would you do this for money?

Well, it’s always nice to get paid for something you love to do! I’ve always enjoyed feeding people it’s become a thing I do for all my friends birthdays as my gift to them. That being said, I didn’t even have a cake for my birthday last year because I didn’t bake one.

If you want to get in touch with Monica, and you do, contact her at

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simply the best!

amanda leah · Aug 8, 10:00 PM · #

I danced half the night holding one of these cupcakes like precious cargo. I had to take one home, they were so outrageously good! Monica is a baking goddess.

— A_is_A @Law_of_Identity · Aug 8, 10:54 PM · #

She truly is. A kitchen genius.

EAT · Aug 8, 11:02 PM · #

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