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Miami Music Week: R.I.P. Beings


That just kinda came and went, huh?

I’m talking about Beings. Their songs, their sets and their albums left me wanting more. I wanted more of Ivan’s catchy hooks, abrasive guitar playing, and weird little yelps and hoots. I wanted more of Betty’s explosive toms, her fast rolls, and red lipstick. I wanted more of Mike’s rock solid bass playing, his perfectly synched fills, and his relaxed dance moves. Of course, now that they’ve broken up, I just want more Beings.

They always surprised me, too – and, I’m not talking about the cool arrangements and weird time signatures (those caught me off guard) – they’d surprise me with the basic elements of basic rock they’d slyly sneak into their songs. On the surface it seemed so noisy and wild, but if you scratched a little of the feedback off and looked past the blast beats you’ll see it’s just rock and roll.

Exclusive, unlisted on YouTube, very rad Beings video.

The extra-shame lies in the fact that they finished recording an amazing EP, that may or may not see the light of day. The four tracks they recorded with Jonathan Nuñez were there strongest. I heard those songs, which they recorded right after they returned from opening for Torche across the US and thought – these guys are gonna be huge!

They broke up because… because it just wasn’t working anymore I guess. Whatever the reason. I know that there’s no bad blood, no beef, no shady story involving one member stealing everyone’s gear and pawning it for cocaine. I can’t imagine it being creative differences – their songs are built upon layers of creative differences.

Maybe it stopped being fun? It never stopped being fun for people who saw them or heard them. I don’t see a big deal reunion or a crazy comeback. That’s another thing – these guys are hype-free, they’re complete anti-promoters. If they got back together, you’ll hear about it after they’ve already played a few shows. Oh well, Beings will always be remembered as an amazing band and a group of some the kindest, most creative people Miami has ever seen.

From now on, all Beings will be is remembered.

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