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I went yesterday and spent the afternoon at the Hard Rock Casino with a group of other chumps waiting around to cheer for Tom Cruise while he gyrated like a rock star. I find him deeply uninteresting, but I went for work, and I waved my hands a bit, and I attempted to suppress my looks of disgust in the hopes that I will be featured for a half a second in the new movie Rock of Ages. Read more about it on the County Grind.

Last week, I watched Harry Shearer’s new film on what really went wrong during Hurricane Katrina, The Big Uneasy. I was lucky enough to be able to ask him follow up with questions on the film. He didn’t seem to like that I asked about the role race played in the events surrounding the storm. I still think George Bush hates black people, but whatever. Here’s the interview I did with him for Miami New Times’ Cultist It will be screening at O Cinema this weekend, check it out.

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