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Get ready for Wildwood


Carson Ellis and Colin Meloy’s Wildwood comes out next month. Here are five reasons you should read it.

1 – You like the Decemberists not because it’s required by the Hipster Code of Conduct, but because of the story-telling inherent in Meloy’s songwriting, as evidenced here and here. And here, if you like murder ballads.

2 – You hung the dustjacket from The Mysterious Benedict Society on your wall.

3 – Imagining the original, unsuitable-for-children version between the lines appeals to you.

4 – It’s an instant classic that pays homage to some of the best epics in children’s book history – think Narnia, Middle Earth, and The Brothers Grimm – without robbing any of them. It’s quietly awesome, engendering nostalgia without being cozy and adventure without putting the entire universe in peril.

5 – You want to guess what Colin Meloy wrote about just to give Carson Ellis an excuse to draw it.

(Yes, that’s a badger pulling a rickshaw)

Check out Aaron’s blog Sweet With Fall and Fish.

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Uhm … You just lifted my entire shitty day. This looks amazing. Thank you!!!

(Also, loved your story for Lip Service/Under the Sun … I’m Under the Sun’s social media person.)


Lori Todd · Jul 12, 10:22 AM · #

Thanks, Lori! I’m sure you’ll love it.

Aaron Curtis · Jul 13, 09:21 PM · #

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