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Zine Part 1: Eat My Shorts and Like It

We’ve been talking and writing about the zine we made for weeks, brilliantly titled Eat My Shorts and Like It. I finally got it together to post this lovely little homage to the nineties, so you can check it out here or at the downtown library in Miami. Venessa Monokian and I are happy with this guy. He’s good. Good stuff. Enjoy your gander.

Tomorrow we’ll post the second half, so keep clicking in.

eat my shorts and like it

hello beeper

tupac vs biggie

cig story my so called life

rave page

90s observation

liz vs venessa

43 beeper

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I love the front cover – pure genius. And the photo of Liz with Jordan Catalano is amazing. Good, good stuff.

Emily Sue · Jun 24, 02:39 PM · #

that was the best power ranger! r.i.p.

nathan lam vuong · Jun 27, 02:45 AM · #

Bro like this thing was badass, make me feels like middle school was the other day ago. You girls still single? HOLLA!

SapingoGringo · Jun 27, 01:15 PM · #

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