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Best app ever and the only thing that relaxes me: Unblock Me

unblock me

So, I just got an iPhone. I hate it. I resisted getting one, but the battery on my old phone became round like a golf ball, so I caved. I pretty much don’t like anything about it except the internet access, and, well, I am in love with the Unblock Me app. It’s a better tool for relaxation than anything. Imagine a successful psychotherapy session to Getz/Gilberto, complete with inner child breakthroughs, at the same time receiving a deep tissue massage with aromatherapy oils, and someone’s feeding you mashed potatoes with good turkey gravy. It’s like heaven.

Unblock Me is simple. It’s an unblocking game where you have to find a way out for the red block in a bunch of other regular mean “wooden” blocks. I don’t like to talk about my gifted test experience with everyone, but whatever, I got in. However, when it came time to do the puzzles, the lady was like, “give up.” In college, when I worked at the Museum Company for a summer, I dabbled in these sorts of games since they pretty much only sold puzzles, fake Rosetta Stones, and generic jazz CDs. I wasn’t that bad at them anymore. I just had this idea in my head that I might be, but with practice, maybe I wasn’t that dumb.

Whenever I see one of these games, at someone’s house, at a store, I am determined to beat them. I usually do, but it’s always been something that’s caused me a level of stress and self doubt. With Unblock Me, I’m really using a whole ‘nother part of my brain. A part I never use. I look at it, and it requires me to not think, just watch. I just look and see where the blockage is, and move things around and then get that red guy out of there. And I win. Sweet success, all relaxation.

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I hope we all get to go to your heaven. It sounds great!

— -nico. · Jun 7, 07:30 AM · #

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