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Shitty responses to Osama's death and why y'all are on my nerves


Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, I know way too much about what my friends are thinking all the time. And thanks to THL, they know more than they’d like to about what I think about things. This is all usually fine with me, but right now, it’s just turning me off.

I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on the the social media responses to the death of Osama bin Laden. I noticed how half of my friends are hungry with bloodlust over the killing of Osama, while others seem to be horrified by the bloodlust. I find both of these attitudes incredibly obnoxious. No offense, guys.

Let me start like this. It’s a huge deal that Obama’s guys got Osama, and to not politicize it seems ignorant. Republicans, you can’t have this one. You just can’t. It’s important to talk about this significant event. It’s a big freaking deal. We should talk about it, its implications and repercussions, but that’s not what’s being posted up around the web.

Now, for everyone frothing at the mouth, excited about this guy’s death. I get it. He was a bad guy. He’s not just an innocent sacrificial lamb, he was a horrible mass murderer whose money and shitty ideas funded the killings of thousands and thousands of people. I definitely am not sad about this guy’s death. I’d even have a beer in honor of this targeted murder. Fuck it, and fuck him. The thing is, I really don’t want to see photoshopped pictures of a dead Osama. It’s really gross and unnecessary. I mean, I’m not like glad when someone dies just because they’re dead. I’m not a sick bitch like that. You are. I’m simply glad to have my Obama back.

To my other friends who are horrified by those lost in joyful celebration over a death: seriously? You don’t get it? I mean, if you want to give a shit about someone, how about caring about all those little kids and innocent people maimed and shrapnel-filled by this fucking monster. I get it, it’s not nice when people die, like I said, but really? Are you that much of a pretentious, self-rightous prick that you can’t understand why people might not rejoice in the removal of a horrible person from the earth. It’s just stupid to assume that killing someone as a form of justice for bad deeds is always poor form. I’m rolling my eyes at you. My eyes are rolling for real. I can barely type they’re so far up in my head.

I’m sure that you all will un-friend me now. I think most of you are a little creepy at this point, though I love you all the same. I do love you, you creepy judgmental, perverted, murderous assholes. Just remember to vote for Obama next year.

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Great post.

— roy · May 2, 01:28 PM · #


Catalina · May 2, 01:41 PM · #

Dead pics – no like. I had to see that in my morning paper over breakfast. Just say no. Tacky.

Hear, hear!

Emily Sue · May 2, 01:49 PM · #

I don’t care about any of this in the least until I can get on a plane without taking off my shoes again or without having someone feel up my junk.

To be perfectly honest, Obama is no more “back” to me as a result of this so all three reactions (to me at least) seem strange, although yours probably least so.

john · May 2, 02:07 PM · #

Love u for this one, too!

Natasha · May 2, 02:11 PM · #

I agree, except for one thing. Obama’s guys are in the white house. Whatever special ops guys killed bin Laden are non-partisan troops.

Meanwhile, all that stuff about the harsh tribal region between Afghanistan and Pakistan, right? Dude was living in a friggin mansion a short drive outside Islamabad.

alesh · May 2, 02:20 PM · #

I fit in the latter category and think that rejoicing OBL’s death is just straight up bad PR for America. I get it but it’s like begging for OBL’s #2 to target “westerners” (whatever that even means) and continue the terrorist trend. The main point is that U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq need to leave. That’s what OBL’s death means. That’s when people should be rejoicing if anything, in my pundit opinion.

— farrah · May 2, 03:55 PM · #

youre so off my buddy list

JL · May 2, 04:17 PM · #

The U.S. has achieved an important objective in assassinating Osama bin Laden, and the world is certainly better for it. To me, the disheartening thing is that this goal was finally reached at a cost of ten years of war in two countries, and an entire region is shattered. If only we could say, “Mission Accomplished!” (again) and send all our troops home. We are so deeply entrenched in this war that the fact that we killed Osama brings us only slightly closer to ending it. When all our troops are out of there, and we focus on humanitarian efforts of rebuilding- that’s when I’ll be partying in the streets.

— nico. · May 2, 05:26 PM · #

Oh, and Alesh – Yes, the Navy SEALS who killed him are non-partisan, but they did so under the direct orders of the President, as a result of his careful attention to intelligence, and his skillful decision-making. Obama definitely gets the credit for this one. Without a doubt.

— -nico. · May 2, 05:29 PM · #

I love you, Nico.

EAT · May 2, 05:42 PM · #

Can a person wonder aloud about humanity’s innate need for revenge without being labeled a sympathizer? I’m no more happy or sad over his death than i would be an ant’s, but the incredible joy that some are getting out of it is fascinating. Does his death really change anything?

david · May 2, 05:43 PM · #

you cut off the head and another one pops out.

— cookieheadz · May 2, 07:19 PM · #

Ehh. What was the president going to say, “nah, let him go”???

Sorry, but the credit goes to spies and informants who shall forever remain nameless. What could/would they possibly have done differently based on any president’s orders?

— alesh · May 2, 07:47 PM · #

“What was the president going to say, “nah, let him go”???”

Like the previous president did? Well, yeah, I guess he could of or he might have waited for a “better opportunity.”

No, Obama risked a helluva lot by going in after OBL. I mean, just imagine the noise from the right wing had he failed. Actually, now that I think about it, they would have rejoiced and considered the dead U.S. soldiers as collateral damage in their drive to win it all in 2012. Because with them, it’s always about their political concerns before it’s about their country and their fellow Americans.

Although I don’t fully “get” most of this post, Liz, I do understand the last sentence which is the most important.


Rick · May 2, 08:03 PM · #

Soooo what’s your opinion then? How did you react? It’s all well and good criticizing others, but come now let’s have it. How YOU feel and dealt when the news broke. Cheers

b.a.c. · May 3, 05:06 AM · #

“Victory has a thousand fathers.”

— James · May 3, 08:33 AM · #

I’d prefer either extreme to this, however. Terrifying.

Emily Sue · May 3, 10:14 AM · #

— hillary · May 3, 10:18 AM · #

Like I said, I’m pleased for the Obama administration, I’m glad Osama’s not going to be funneling money and stuff to other mass murderers, and I see this as a significant moment in history. I’m not taking it personally.

EAT · May 3, 10:52 AM · #

it’s not about caring about osama bin laden, it’s about not seeing or giving a shit about what’s really going on. i’m not horrified about people celebrating this, it’s more that it’s such a grand display of peanut-sized brain foolishness and paying absolutely no mind to the enormous amount of killing and disrespect for human life which went into getting this one person. what was really accomplished? we killed a guy, granted an awful guy who did awful things, but he’s just one piece of the puzzle. because all these military and governments assholes lie about everything, it’s impossible to really have an idea of how many innocent people have died under the pretense of exacting revenge on one man. i’ve heard everything from 30,000 – 700,000. but y’know, we lost 3,000 people and now we have a license to kill and torture. and we it won’t be stopping anytime soon! but hey, it’s “over there” and americans are better and more important than everyone else so what do we care? it’s absurd for this to be cause for celebration. it’s about revenge, not justice. it’s really fucking disgusting, actually.

on a side note, giving obama credit for this makes sense how? because he happened to be the president and you like him?

— Nick · May 3, 12:07 PM · #

Liz, 1,000% agree with you. Good job.

— Chad Harris · May 3, 12:17 PM · #

Nick, it’s not about the killing of one man or of casualties of war, it’s a symbolic victory. No one’s celebrating the war, or all of the violence, they’re just glad that the leader of the opposition was done away with. Are you forgetting all the violence perpetuated by al Qaeda? It’s not like they just knocked down the Twin Towers, they’ve bombed numerous embassies, hotels, subways. It’s like you sound like you actually really think that it’s not even a good thing that this guy is not around anymore. HIS PERSONAL MONEY funds the murders of people all over the world. Cutting this group off from his support will save the world a lot of suffering. I’m totally against the war in Iraq. I still think it was the single stupidest thing America’s done in a while. The Taliban is a fucking nightmare, and someone has to figure out what to do with those psychos, but you’re taking this one act and making it more than it is. I mean, that’s crazy shit. You can’t blame the US government for all violent acts against humanity. That’s stupid.

We’re not doing the best job at policing the world, but the single act of going in there, and taking out the leader of the enemy organization who actually did attack America is FUCKING GOOD within the context of us being in a time of war when they’re bombing hotels for fuck’s sake. When they killed Saddam Hussein, I thought that was barbaric, because he was the legitimate leader of a sovereign nation. THAT to me was gross, and strange. This guy is a fucking asshole, a rich murderous psycho who only deserves a sort of abstract Buddhist sympathy. No one’s celebrating the war when they’re glad he’s dead, they’re hoping that the world returns to a pre 9-11 sort of Clintonian simplicity. They’re clearly wrong and ignorant in thinking that’ll happen, but it’s understandable. People want to hope that the world improves, not just focus on the hideous actions of men.

I never gave Obama credit, but he is the commander in chief, and this happened under his command.

EAT · May 3, 12:36 PM · #

Thanks for the Post Liz.
The strange ways that this event has exploded on Social Media sites is nothing short of bizarre.
Everything from photoshopped death pictures, to bogus quotes from Martin Luther King on people’s facebook status. Whats the point?

Its hard to figure out what is real anymore.

Brook · May 3, 01:02 PM · #

Since my taxpayer dollars paid for it I’m responsible, and I take credit. I’m also responsible for the bullshit in Iraq, since I’m paying for that too.

— roy · May 3, 04:23 PM · #

Just wait for Castros death… shit + fan in Miami. Just sayin’.

David Tamargo · May 3, 04:24 PM · #

Roy, we were just talking something like that in the kitchen. And David, yes.

EAT · May 3, 05:37 PM · #

the picture should and will be released, if it is symbolism you want then give it, as for me i don’t trust this government whether it is republican or democrat and i would rather see proof.

it took about a million dead and 2 wars to kill this one person.
in the end,it will not change a thing… if anything its embarrassing that it took this long.

when the u.s. leaves iraq, afghanistan, AND libya then I’ll celebrate…

— Jorge dc · May 3, 05:55 PM · #

this is all you need to know about obama

— Jorge dc · May 3, 06:00 PM · #

The wars weren’t to kill this one person. Wait, did nobody see W.?

EAT · May 3, 06:36 PM · #

i meant that sarcastically. the wars are about corporate contracts and natural resources.

— Jorge dc · May 3, 07:22 PM · #

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