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Obama beat Osama: AP video of people cheering outside of the White House

Our president just secured his reelection, powerful man that he is, by claiming responsibility for doing away with longtime U.S. enemy and big time bad guy Osama bin Laden. We’re breathing a sigh of relief around the house (about the upcoming election, mostly). Even my cat’s mood improved with the Osama news. I can’t believe he did it! He’s such a little hero that Obama. First he shows a clip from The Lion King as his birth video, and now he’s avenging Al Qaeda attacks and securing the safety of the free world. Hallelujah! A sense of humor and of duty. I love this guy, and I’m totally not regretting the 10 Obama bumper stickers that adorned my car. My car and I are ready for the 2012 election. It will feel good to win again.

Here’s a video of people celebrating outside the White House from the You Tube.

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God I really wish our Navy seals would take out the guy in the Hulkamania shirt at 00:28

— Alfonso Rosales · May 2, 04:21 PM · #

Hahaha. Wishes can come true, Alfonso.

EAT · May 2, 04:24 PM · #

im glad its not just white ppl in that vid.

— alisha · May 3, 12:44 PM · #

Hahaha. Yes.

EAT · May 3, 01:10 PM · #

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