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Vice on Borscht, with talk of filling James Franco with Adderall

Miami, dude. You’re fucking cool now. Vice has taken notice. Well, not of you, exactly, but of the Borscht Film Festival. Last week’s festival was a huge success. It really demonstrated cultural progress in a city which often seems to forget what both culture and progress are. A handful of people, mostly in their twenties, managed to produce complex films on limited budgets in a short amount of time, fill the Arsht Center with a Miami audience for THREE hours for shorts that were largely not for the simple-minded or patient. There was film to satisfy every internet critic and show off serious talent.

The article features Jillian Mayer’s creepy video “I Am Your Grandma” and Coral Morphologic’s “Man O War” with sounds by Animal Collective’s Geologist. Read this thing and comment. Let the rest of the New York and L.A. dickheads know that we’re here and doing shit with ourselves besides tanning and saying bro.

I’m reposting this video “Herzog Defends Dade” Lindsay Scoggins because it really never gets old.

Werner Herzog on the Borscht Film Festival from Borscht Film Festival on Vimeo.

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305 DALE

— Daniel B · Apr 29, 07:10 PM · #

THE HEAT LIGHTING kicks Beached Miami’s ass.

— loco · May 3, 01:13 PM · #

So, Miami wasn’t so happening before this article or what?

— A Native · May 3, 02:37 PM · #

That was a half-assed joke, A Native. You should check out this site, it’s a lot about how Miami is awesome. I’d emoticon here, but I hate emoticons.

EAT · May 3, 03:59 PM · #

Ohhhh oh, OK I get it now. You know us Miamians, we’re


I can’t read :(….

— A Native · May 4, 09:21 PM · #

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