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All My Children gets axed after 41 years. Liz’s mornings will never be the same. The rest of us can go back to whatever it was we were doing. Edit: Hoover pulls its ads in protest. Insert pun using the word “suck” here.

by , posted Apr 19, 10:14 AM


NOOOOOOOO!!!! My memere and babysitter Olive are turning over in their graves. This is terrible.

EAT · Apr 19, 10:55 AM · #

So, so true.

Emily Sue · Apr 20, 01:40 AM · #

And One Life to Live?! This is terrible. I’m going to miss Susan Lucci. We’ve still got Days of Our Lives and General Hospital, right?

EAT · Apr 20, 02:30 AM · #

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