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I Really Like Brunch
Sometimes Love

I’m lazy and I like to relax. I don’t want to rush when I eat. I prefer breakfast foods to all others. I also enjoy sleeping in well past traditional breakfast dining time. Therefore, I really like brunch. I can think of little better than zoning out for hours into the afternoon, chatting, eating, drinking. I have had some good times at a brunch, very pleasant, memorable, perfect times. God, that sounds pathetic. But there it is. There is nothing better than a day free of obligations and distractions.

The highlight of any brunch is that I don’t have to do anything except sit there, consume, and give them my money when I’m finished. After a night out, the last thing I want to do is wake up and spend an hour making an omelet and home fries from scratch. God forbid slicing up a half dozen different kinds of fruit or baking rolls that need to rise first. I’d rather sleep in and pay someone else do it for me, even if it means I have to wait 45 minutes for a table and drop a near fortune for the pleasure. It typically pays off – I have never left brunch hungry, and in fact usually leave so full that I swear I will never eat again. It’s the eggs. So filling.

If someone wanted to make me brunch in their home without my assistance – I would obviously accept. But it brings to mind Grandma at a holiday dinner – you can never really enjoy yourself knowing that she’s slaving over the stove while you sit there and reap the rewards, free of cost. Home cooked meals are wonderful, but so are meals out. To each their own. There’s a time and place for everything.

Wow, this was a little too earnest. Not to mention abso-freaking-lutely pointless.

Brunch. It’s good. Amen.

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I love this. Thanks for the counterpoint. I also enjoy brunch out and hate cooking breakfast.

EAT · Apr 17, 04:22 PM · #

Couldn’t agree more with you. Hooray for brunch!

Ana · Apr 20, 02:05 PM · #

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