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Borscht Film Festival: watch the trailers and then give them some money

I know how hard it is to raise money, not just because I’m broke, but more because I used to write grants. Also, I have reeeeeaaallly good taste. Put together my empathy and my mind-boggling ability to tell what sucks, and THL posts include things like the Borscht Film Festival’s trailers and Kickstarter links. You’ll also be able to reserve seats for the festival for $20 and some goodies, I believe, starting very soon. We’ll keep you updated.

The Meza Brothers created “Play Dead,” which they described so well, “The cutest zombie apocalypse movie EVER MADE. ‘People want to see Homeward Bound meets a zombie apocalypse, they just don’t know it yet.’ Welcome to the ‘Play Dead.’” They used trained dogs. Trained dogs, they’re adorable and smart, and they need your cash. (I was going to put a Sarah McLaughlin joke in here, but there’s nothing funny about animal cruelty.)
Donate here.

Waverly Films used Miami’s own Otto von Schirach in “Glitch Cuisine.” There’s some good stuff in here. Watch this video, it’s really well edited and we love the eel! Donate here.

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