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Showing solidarity with Egypt, Tunisia, and Jordan: some links and love

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My cousin Farrah is a studier of the Arab world and though doesn’t have much time to write now, she has given us some links and background on the peaceful revolutions that took place in Tunisia and are currently in progress in Egypt and Jordan.

Here are her notes and stuff:
Mubarak is the last pharaoh of Egypt and protesters are practicing civil disobedience until he follows bin Ali’s lead and LEAVES. For 30 years, the US-backed Mubarak regime has been more like a dictatorship than a ‘representative body.’ People have been frustrated and finally are RISING UP calling for major economic, political, social reforms.

From the Week of Jan. 25:
From The Daily Beast, Inside Egypt’s Facebook Revolt
From The Atlantic, After Tunisia: Obama’s Impossible Dilemma in Egypt
From Democracy Now, The Cairo Conundrum
From Al Jazeera, How Tunisia’s revolution began

From Jan. 30:
From the HuffPo Anonymous Internet Users Help Egypt Communicate
From NPR, Professor Samer Shehata, who will be on The Colbert Report last night. Professor: Regime Change Can’t Happen Overnight
From International Crisis Group, Egypt’s Muslim Brothers: Confrontation or Integration?
From Slate, Obama’s Shah Problem
Let’s not forget about Tunisia
A letter to Obama

And now, there’s more good news of change in Jordan.

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I heart you and Egypt!

Farrah · Feb 1, 02:38 PM · #

Good link:

— farrah · Feb 1, 08:06 PM · #

Egypt shook the white plague of 1920, it can survive the faux pharaohs of 2011.

swampthing · Feb 9, 07:57 PM · #

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