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Grace Coddington and Muammar Gaddafi: obvious fashion icons

From UPI/Landov

Here are two wonderful fashion pieces the internet has provided us with that I hope you enjoy and take with you as you go through your life.

First, check out the daring duds of Libya’s leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. It’s like Liberace, an old Jewish lady, a hotel room, and Gene Simmons came together to create these ensembles. Check out the captions. (Thanks, Eddie in London!)

I know the trans community is over it with me right now, but maybe the drag queens will cherish this amazing slideshow of drag Anna Wintour and (a thousand times better) Grace Coddington as much as I do. Vogue lovers and transvestites rejoice! This is brilliant.
(Thanks, Monica’s Twitter updates.)

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Yea well you should really check out pizza, hotdogs, and hamburgers. Not the stupid clothe that the stupid people wear. I want pizza, hotdogs, and hamburgers!

Heyyy · Jan 5, 10:38 AM · #

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