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Best 2011 New Year's gift: cats in fancy clothes you can't even afford

cat calendar

United Bamboo has created a stellar gift for the gay fashionista with a cat fetish, or me. It’s a freaking calendar with cats in preppy, wannabe designer duds, which costs $50. The things I could do with $50. I could probably neuter a cat, feed ten cats for five weeks, or say fuck it, and actually buy this calendar. That gray one that’s kind of ugly in the chonga-looking puffer makes me a little sick, but this slick dude up there gives me happy kitty feelings, as does the white one who’s not wearing the blue dress that well. Anyway. I’m glad the fashion world, or Thuy Pham of United Bamboo, is finally recognizing that: “Cats actually have good body proportions for clothing, and they’re adorably photogenic.”

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cut cut cut! work the lines!
theres a hot united bamboo model that made me buy a copy of fantastic man, a magazine for the fashion metro “str8” men.
thuy is working her little asian hands off, with fingers as tiny as little pieces of rice.

nathan lam vuong · Dec 26, 09:27 PM · #

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