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Vintage Glimpses: Images of Winter

By now, most in America have seen and heard about Dome Buster 2010 – the biggest storm to hit Minneapolis/St. Paul since 1991, causing much chaos and ending with the dramatic (hilarious) collapse of the Metrodome roof. While scanning through my hoard of vintage postcards and photos I happened up this lovely antique postcard depicting Minneapolis’s Minnehaha Falls in winter, looking much the same as I’m certain it does now:

Oh, Longfellow you say? Well, it just so happens:

I love that in 1908 this gentleman was just going to cruise on over and spend a few days in Paris:

After a google search for Clara Scidmore, I discovered she died on January 1, 1968 at the age of 87 in Troy, NY. Considering that this is addressed to “Miss” and she died with the same last name, I will surmise that perhaps she was a fellow spinster. How this postcard of Clara’s landed in a Wisconsin antique store will forever remain a mystery.

More New York:

If Santa was a house, this is what he would look like:

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How the fudge could someone go from Portland to Paris, 100 years ago, for a few days? I love Maine. God, I LOVE Maine.
These are making me look forward to Boston! The cold sucks, but the snow is really tops.

EAT · Dec 15, 02:10 PM · #

There was a ship that sank in the Atlantic Ocean in 1948 called the CJ Hooper (the signee on the postcard):

In my mind I’m creating quite the narrative.

Emily Sue · Dec 15, 03:42 PM · #

Maybe the ship wrote the postcard?

EAT · Dec 15, 05:02 PM · #

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