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Liz Tracy is a Master of religion. She always wears glasses. Liz is often overheard describing food as “delicious” and just as frequently complaining about her GI tract. She loves her cat Tito, and believes that he is, hands down, the handsomest beast on God’s green and brown earth. She needs a benefactor so that she might roam around the world writing about how “delicious” food is everywhere and how “rad” or “unawesome” people are.

The man behind Critical Miami, Alesh Houdek, is a “big-time” Miami blogger. He’s into forcing his grammar opinions and photo dimension preferences on others, and getting lauded with praise in public places. Alesh is a bit of an artiste and rode his bike to Broward County to work every workday from Miami Beach for over a year. He believes his cat is the “coolest” ever.

John Spain has a cat named Dontrelle who actually looks like a Dontrelle. Mr. Spain has run away from his hometown of Miami and actively is not using his Juris Doctorate. He likes moonlight sails and fancy beers. He is not gay.

Miami-raised Jimmy Tracy has turned passing gas into an art form. He currently lives in Washington, D.C., where he spends his evenings inserting catheters into homeless people’s urethras in an ER. He is an expert sports enthusiast and sings a mean Van Morrison on the karaoke mike. Despite all of this, he also comes off as gay.

Amanda Leah attended Coral Gables High School where she was a cool Cavalier. Talking movies with Amanda will fire her up, so be careful where and when you bring up the topic of film. She is an adult and a video editor (not an adult video editor), is learning to pot plants (not pot plants), and remains one cool cavalier.

A handsome Vietnamese man who ended up at CalArts via Mississippi, Tampa and Miami, Nathan Lam Vuong is one of the most creative karaokers, funtimes DJ, and ferocious dressers living today. Two words define him – work and fierce.

Known by the Miami New Times as “best of club comic,” Jessica Gross also draws, models, and acts. She brings her life on stage with her, on screen and into her comics. Jessica is a woman of many talents.

One of the most interesting chicas in all the midwest, Emily Mcneill once owned Brooklyn, but now spends time crafting in her hometown of Duluth. She has impeccable taste in all things music and movies and a biting sense of humor.

Dat Roro Kid is the co-writer for Miami Dolphins dickjoke, tittyblog Fins Nation. DRK was born and raised in da County Dade but currently resides in New York City.

Aaron Curtis attended Syracuse University’s heralded Musical Theater program, where they wisely kicked him out for being tone deaf. After licking his wounds with restaurant jobs and various drugs for the better part of a decade, he wound up in the bookselling business and heard his calling as an unpublished writer. Read about his life, books, and other sundries at his blog, Sweet with Fall and Fish.

Jose Flores is the least famous/most prolific musician out of Miami; he also draws cartoons and criticizes others.

Chaz Folgar is a former shoe salesman and kid reporter for Weekly Reader. When not cartooning, he is a “Junior Cadet” in the Russian Gastronaut Program.

Abel Folgar was born in the 70’s and spent the better part of the 90’s incarcerated overseas for charges he has never been successful in explaining.



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