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Jessica and Andrew's online pervertry: The Adventures of a Sexual Miscreant

adventures of a sexual miscreant

Comedian Jessica Gross and filmmaker Andrew Hevia are not actually that perverted. I mean, I can’t tell you for certain, because I don’t know them like that, but just by looking at them, I don’t think they’re into Face Farts (Google it). Jessica does talk about her sex life onstage, and Andrew grew up listening to Dan Savage, so they do have a kind of interest in voyeurism and disclosure.

A few months ago, the couple came out with The Adventures of a Sexual Miscreant, which was an idea for a webseries that Andrew had farted around with in film school. Doing her part as the good girlfriend and generally good person, Jessica rounded up the players and set some dates and forced Andrew to write and create.

The second season has just been introduced to the internet and the internet is pleased. The series acts as a marriage of interest for the two, utilizing both Andrew’s film skills and the talents of local comedians to perform in the episodes. I thought this was sort of a neat idea and asked them why this works for The Adventures.

Overall, they said that they’re picking best people for the story. But Andrew did note that he preferred working on projects that aren’t actor-dependent, ones where the product lives or dies by the talent of the actors. He’s trying to develop a style where he can create what he wants no matter who the actor is, using editing to propel the series. Smart thinking, especially considering the tiny budget and time constraints.

However, this isn’t a disrespect to the comedians and performers in the webseries; those weirdos definitely have their perks. “Comedians are willing to attach themselves to inappropriate material; they have no problem standing in front of hundreds of people and telling their most revealing and personal failures,” according to Andrew. Besides, “they’re hilarious and fun to work with.” Jessica noted that her colleagues have good timing, know how to deliver a punchline, and when to withhold. These are exactly what each episode needs to succeed.

The way the series is written, produced, and directed emphasizes the holding back of information, and relies on the creepy imagination of the audience. According to Jessica, “What goes on in your head is a lot more fucked up than what goes on on the screen.” Andrew agrees that, “What’s left unsaid is often the funniest part.”

The point of the series is not to pooh-pooh the creeps and perverts of the world, but rather to tell the world’s perverts, it’s all good, pervs. Sex is strange, and we accept you; we really, really do.

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